• July 25, 2021

One of the attractions of every poker or dominoqq site is the bonus promos offered. The bigger the bonus given to members, the more prospective members will register. In addition to providing large bonuses on the dominoqq site, they also provide satisfying services to their loyal members.
Talking about a big bonus, every member on a poker or dominoqq site is certainly competing to get it. If you know more about the explanation of the bonuses provided by the dominoqq site, including:

> Regular win bonuses Bonus- One of the absolute requirements to get a bonus in domino qiu-qiu is to win. Of course, to win is not easy. You have to need a lot of tricks and practice the dominoqq game for a long time. when you have won the game and will get various bonuses according to what you have arranged, one of which is the usual winning bonus. In general, the highest value to win dominoqq is 9, but you managed to win a game with a less than perfect value, for example 7 or 8. Then you are entitled to a regular win bonus, namely the value of your bet will be multiplied by one. For example, if you bet Rp. 20,000, you will get a winning bonus of Rp. 20,000. > Qiu Qiu bonuses.

Another type of bonus from the domino game is the qiu qiu bonus. Where you can get this bonus when you win the game by successfully combining the perfect number or the highest score. the value in question is 9 or in this dominoqq game it is called qiu qiu. If you manage to arrange a perfect score, the bonus you will get is the value of your bet multiplied by two. For example, if your bet is IDR 50,000, you will get a winning bonus of IDR 100,000.

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> Special card bonus.In general, the domino qiu qiu game uses the principle that there are 4 special cards. Among them are small pure cards, large pure cards, balak cards and 6 gods cards. But to get the bonus you have to buy a jackpot ticket which is a requirement to follow it because events like this rarely happen. If you manage to get this special card, the bonus you will get varies according to the cards that are arranged. For example, if you manage to get a small pure card or a large pure card, the price of the jackpot ticket that you bought earlier will be multiplied by 50, while if you manage to arrange a log or twin card, the initial ticket price will be multiplied by 100. What is expected is the six god card because if you managed to get it then your ticket price will be multiplied by 6666.

> Referral bonuses. This bonus is different from the bonus discussed above. If the bonus above is a bonus that you get when you play bets at the table, then this one bonus does not require a bet to get it. How to get this referral bonus is very easy, you just register in the situs judi capsa susun referral section after you are registered you will be given the task of finding or recruiting new members. If you have managed to get a member then you will get a commission from the domino qiu qiu site that was agreed in advance when you registered.

So this article is an explanation of the trusted online domino qiu qiu game bonus. Hopefully useful and useful for all. thank you



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