• July 25, 2021

Ceme Poker Agent – Speaking of ceme poker, of course this one game is no stranger to all of you who have a hobby with this game. This poker game is certainly not unfamiliar among today and there are a lot of people – people who are interested in this online gambling betting game .

Poker game – A card game that is often known by many people. This poker game is identical to the gambling game. But the difference is that people play poker just as ordinary entertainment. This poker game is usually played with friends, but this poker game is very popular with people to bet every gamble.

Trusted Poker

Ceme Poker Agent – ​​In poker games that are played online, each member must of course look for an online poker agent who can be trusted and can provide comfort and great profits. We will introduce our trusted agent, namely the presidential poker agent who can give you great comfort and benefits while playing the game.
Where later you visit the agent’s site, of course you will be served by our best customer service who will always be ready to serve the members. Later you can also ask all kinds of questions to our customer service that you don’t understand about the game. And of course you can get registration by asking our customer service to create an account that you can use in this poker game.

Ceme Poker

Agent – ​​Ceme Poker Agent – ​​Talking about poker games, on our site there are various types of games. These types of games are CEME, CAPSA, DOMINO, OMAHA, SUPER-10, TEXAS POKER, and CEME KELILING which can be played with only 1 user id.
On this occasion the admin will discuss one of the poker games, namely CEME.

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CEME – Is a game that uses cards in playing this CEME game. The type of card used in this ceme poker game is dominoes. The game system in playing this ceme is also fairly easy, of course this game is quite simple.
The rules of the game are very easy, that is, each player is dealt 2 cards. After that calculate how many values ​​are in that value. Every player who wins on the condition that it has a value greater than the dealer.

If the dealer has a card value of 4 and the player has a card value of 8, then the player wins.
For information, the ceme game can be played by several players. This ceme game can be played by 8 people, namely 7 players with 1 dealer.
For all players who want to play as a dealer, it is also poker online terpercaya possible with a note that they must have a sufficient balance and meet the requirements as a dealer. Poker Register

Ceme Poker Agent – ​​In this game there is a lobby menu display which has a waiting room table. The lobby table has 6 columns between:
– The first column displays the title of the room.
– The second column displays the minimum number of purchases in a table.
– The third line describes the maximum number of purchases in a table.
– The fourth line displays the capital value of the requirements to become a dealer.
– The fifth line explains how many players are in the room.
-This sixth line describes the status of the room, which is available or full.

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Thus a review of a trusted ceme poker agent, hopefully the explanation above can bring you all to win bets and for those of you who still don’t have a place to play, please join us. thank you


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