• July 25, 2021

When you play domino QQ, you will definitely get 3 cards from the dealer. Each member will get 3 cards in one table. You are given time to give your opinion about your card. In the sense of doing Raise or raising the bet when you get a good card, Call or follow the bet made by the opponent when you are still in doubt, and Fold or close the card in the sense of stopping the game round when you don’t get a good card.

Tips and Tricks to Win Playing Domino QQ Online

If you get a Qiu card at the beginning of the game, among the 3 cards that are added up, for example:
1. (9-0, 9-2, 9-3) immediately Raise or increase your bet amount.
2. If you have 3 cards with a total card value (9-4,9-5,9-6,9-7,9-8,9-9) you should call or just follow the bets made by your opponent.
3. And if you don’t have a Qiu card at the beginning of the game, you should just fold or close your card and don’t follow the bet in that round and you won’t get the fourth card from the dealer.

On the domino QQ poker gambling site. Where this dominoqq game has a special card, almost 99% of your winnings will be obtained if you get the special card. The special cards in the dominoqq game for example:
This dominoqq game only looks for the card with the highest value with a combination of 4 cards, becoming a special card that is combined as described above. You will have a high winning percentage in the dominoqq game. The following are tips and tricks to win playing domino QQ gambling:

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> Sufficient Capital
With sufficient capital in playing dominoqq gambling, it is very necessary. Because from enough capital you can make small bluffs in the QQ gambling game. With a lot of capital, you have a great opportunity to bully your opponent in the qq gambling game, even though the card you have is not good, the opponent will feel afraid in the qq gambling game and fold. Remember not all opponents are afraid of bluffing if they have sufficient capital.

The second tips and tricks, bring enough capital to the QQ gambling betting table. Because by bringing too much capital in QQ gambling bets, of course you will be carried away by emotions if your opponent raises a large amount of bets. This can result in a big loss for you if your opponent’s card is better than yours. Then you will experience a large amount of loss in the round. > Focus on Playing Focus on playing qq gambling is very important. If you don’t focus on the game, you will lose. Avoid things that can interfere with your concentration such as chatting, watching tv or eating and talking and so on that can make your concentration chaotic. > Patience in Playing

Patience is the main key to victory. At the beginning of the game you don’t have qiu then you deserve to fight for it in waiting for the fourth card if your starting card is like this (3-0.4-0.2-3). What you expect on the fourth card is 4 to get 97 or the possibility of getting a fourth card totaling 5 to get a card value of 98. So patience is the way out in playing QQ gambling.


> Smart Calculating Percentage of Card Issues
You have to be smart in calculating the big chance of getting a card out of the 6 cards that will come out a total of 4 cards. The card with the smallest chance of appearing is 1,3 and 9 will come out as many as 2 cards. While the cards with other numbers will come out an average of 3 cards. For example, if you have a card totaling (3-0.4-0.3-2), ignoring the cards your opponent has, there are still 2 cards of 5 remaining. The number of cards left on the table is (28-3) as many as 25 cards, then the probability of getting a card out is 5 in a ratio of 2 to 25. > Switch Game Table

Switching game tables is a method that is widely used by professional members of QQ gambling. dominobet online Because if you play qq gambling as a novice member, you should play at a table with a small bet first. > Folding often fold in the QQ gambling game, if you have a bad or bad card, just fold it without thinking much. Winning is also possible when you raise the QQ gambling game, of course, the fatigue is greater if you force the situation to play. Only getting a good card you can raise and all in in the QQ gambling game. > Knowing Your Limits

In any type of gambling game, every member of course always expects victory and profit in playing gambling. If you are experiencing a losing streak in playing today, stop playing and don’t force it again and try again the next day. Maybe you have hockey tomorrow.

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Thus an explanation of tips and tips for winning playing domino QQ gambling, hopefully this article can be helpful and useful for all of you. thank you


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