These are the Five Strongest Types of Chickens in the World

  • July 30, 2021

Often times for online cockfighting gambling, there are always those battles that are very fierce. Also by some of the strongest types of chickens that we often see too. However, if there is given a very appropriate training to the chicken which is indeed very strong than the original.

And also, the strongest chicken, which we will also review again, is also able to bring that victory continuously. That’s for all of you lovers of online cockfighting gambling. Here are some of the strongest chickens that you must have right away.

Of course, all of these cockfighting gambling lovers know that this type of bangkok chicken is the most popular among fans of this fighting cock. Why is this type of bangkok chicken in the first order? That’s of course because of his physique as well as his fighting ability, which is already recognized by all circles of cockfighting gambling lovers.

This Burmese chicken also comes from the country of Burma. That is what we now know as the state of Myanmar. This chicken is also included in the category of wild chicken or free range chicken. That, and recently, has been sought after by all fans of this cockfighting gambling game.

The first chicken is Bangkok chicken

This Burmese chicken is also very worthy of us being the second strongest chicken, which should also be recognized. If one looks more clearly, this Burmese type of chicken can also be categorized as one of these types of chickens, which have a relatively smaller body size. If it exists compared to other types of chickens from fighting chickens.

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This fighting cock also comes from an Asian country in Vietnam. This chicken is also a result of crossbreeding as well. Indeed, for this Saigon Chicken, it is not very popular in Indonesia. That’s because the popularity of the Bangkok Chicken is getting higher to be able to beat other fighting cock fights.

This Shamo Chicken is also the only type of chicken that has the posture of a very giant body. How is it not? If the fighting cock also usually weighs up to 3-5 Kg, for this Shamo Chicken there is also a weight that can reach up to 7 Kg.

Last is Pama’s Chicken

The strongest chickens that exist from this one also have their very unique way of fighting when compared to other types of fighting chickens. This chicken is also often able to provide resistance by locking the opponent’s neck while hitting.

This Pama chicken is a type of fighting chicken that also comes from the country of Burma. agen judi slot And then there are also cross-breeding with some of the types of chickens from other fighters.

From a cross, this Pama type chicken also has many types, namely. There are Pama chickens of Gostan type, Rambong types of Pama chickens, Pama chickens of Mabin types, Pama chickens of Malow types. That and Chicken also have Pama Kradungtong.


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