The Easiest Trick to Win Domino QQ Online

  • August 1, 2021

The Easiest Trick to Win Domino QQ Online – Who doesn’t know about the domino QQ game, where this one card gambling has existed since ancient times. Maybe players who have been playing gambling games for a long time are no stranger to hearing about it. But there are still some of our brothers who wish to play but don’t know how to play it. That’s why I’m here hoping to provide a little tutorial for beginners who want to play online gambling sites. Before I explain about how easy it is to win in the game, how good I am to explain a little how to play it specifically first.

Because in gambling games it is very important to understand how to play before you play it. Basically, the domino QQ game is played using cards that are commonly called gaples, and totaling 28 pieces. Where will be distributed to each player with a total of 4 cards. For players who have received such cards, they should combine them, to receive the highest points. Well, here’s a complete method of playing which I will explain in the domino QQ game.

Methods of Playing Domino QQ Online For Beginners
In essence, the domino QQ game is very easy to play, where each player will receive 3 cards in the first round. And players will be given time to determine whether their cards are of good value or not. If your card feels good then continue the game, and will receive 1 more card from the dealer. But if your card is not good, then you can fold or withdraw in the game.


Where generally in the QQ domino game will be played by 2 to 6 players in each round. And later you will get 4 cards that should be combined into two pairs to receive the highest points. Whoever receives the highest points is the winner, and will withdraw all bets.

But you should know that in the domino QQ game the highest points are 9 – 9 Situs Judi Bola Asia which is called QQ. To count points in the game is very easy, where you only need to look at the circle on the red card. High value is set from 2 cards that have been added up, if the number is more than 9 then only the last number will be taken. As an example: 5-0+6-5 = 16 so it will only take the back point which is 6 six.

Considering the wins in the game, will be added up from the last points like an example. In the domino QQ game, it is determined from the results of 2 cards that receive the number 9. If both pairs of your cards receive points 9 – 9 then you are sure to win. And if your card number is more than 9 or 19 points, then it will be taken behind only as explained above. Like 5/0-6/5 = 16, then 6 will be taken, and if the other value exceeds 19, then 6-5+ 6-6 = 23 will be taken 3. It’s not very easy to play it.

Tricks In Playing Domino QQ So It’s Easy To Win
Providing Capital Because It’s Big Enough
In the domino QQ game you should provide a large enough capital, of course you ask why you should have a large capital.? Because in the gambling game, capital is number one to play, the point is to bully your opponent. But your cards are not good so you can play them to deceive your opponent. Where you can increase the bet at will.

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But remember not to get carried away in the game, because it can make you lose to play. Do not let you be ignited by the opponent, look at the card specifically first, it is possible not to continue.

Don’t Hesitate to Fold
If you receive a card that is not good in the game then don’t hesitate to fold or resign. Do not be ashamed to stop in the game because it can harm you. Unless you receive a good card, do not fold.

Stay Because In Playing
This trick is very important in playing gambling games, because if you don’t concentrate on playing, you are worried that it will harm you. Because if you don’t concentrate on the domino QQ game it will make you lose. Therefore, keep away what can interfere with your focus, such as: eating, chatting, watching tv and others. Because even though players who are already reliable if their focus is dispersed, they will experience defeat.

Looking for a table or table game
In this trick one should choose a betting table that should be with you. As an example, agen judi online try specifically first on a small betting table before trying big bets. But if you are experienced enough in playing, then you can try to bet on large amounts. For reasons that will favor your luck.

Be Patient When Playing Domino QQ
Be patient in the domino QQ game is one of the keys to victory. If you don’t receive 9 points or QIU in the first round, then you have to fight for it. For example, if you are 3 times in a row if you receive a card that is not good. Therefore you should have the 4th card should have to score points. The key should be in playing domino QQ online in order to receive a winning score.

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Thus an explanation of 5 tricks that will make you win if you can understand them. But don’t forget that in playing gambling you should have to rely on cause or hockey. Cause only cause will make you win,

Maybe that’s all I can explain about the domino QQ game so that it is useful and something for you in playing it. But for beginners who wish to join in gambling games. So I suggest if you haven’t registered yet, then immediately look for an online casino lottery gambling agent to run the game. Before registering, make sure specifically that the agent has a license to play. So that later it will make you feel safe and comfortable in playing.


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