Stay up late to play online poker

  • July 31, 2021

Stay up late to play online poker. This time I will tell my friend’s experience when playing online poker gambling at one of the well-known sites. To relieve boredom. My friend is trying to open an online gambling account at one of the trusted online sites. The beginning of my friend’s story is very late. Saw me always playing in the room and once out to eat. My friend was confused that the money I made could cover my monthly expenses from online gambling. How come?.. My friend was confused about my monthly income.

Okay with boredom my friend. he asked me. At first I did not want to talk about his income in the world of online gambling. Finally I told him because seeing him was very bored. I started to tell about his income from playing online poker gambling. Because it’s easy to make money in a matter of hours. Sometimes you lose, sometimes you win. But more wins than loses. I’ve lost tens of millions of online poker gambling. And once won tens of millions. The last time I won 35 million from the 2 million capital. From there I started asking questions.

And finally my friend asked me to teach him how to play. I request the data requirements data to register. I asked for the name of the account and the number of the account that my friend is still using. After all the requirements I have given. I also began to provide data data that my friend gave to the site where he played. After the user id and password have been obtained. I told me to go to the atm and transfer the funds that I want to play right.
Because to try how to play. The friend also transferred 100 thousand rupiah to judi slot terbaru the city account where he registered earlier. Towards 10 minutes the funds that I transferred earlier also entered the user id earlier.


Stay up late to play online poker

Before playing. I asked a friend to play at the smallest table, which is 1000 rounds. This friend of mine keeps playing and keeps playing. until the boredom disappears. because this friend is hockey. from the capital of 100 thousand in the transfer can win 300 thousand.
And I praise him too. The pleasure of playing with friends at one table is very exciting, sometimes we can fight because we don’t want to give in to each other.

The Beginning of the Struggle to play online poker
We played all day and until the evening all the money ran out. the next day the friend also made a deposit again with a nominal 2 x times the initial deposit, which was 200 thousand rupiah. in 1 hour 200 thousand is gone. This friend became more and more and made a deposit back of 200 thousand. seems to be gone in no time. At that time, beside the atm it had an alfarmart and had a hangout. And that’s where we both sat until the afternoon. ok go on. The 200 thousand that my friend deposited earlier was gone again. and deposit another 200 thousand and run out again.

Friends are getting hotter. and make a deposit of 1 million rupiah. At the beginning agen tx poker of the game, the win rose to 2 million rupiah. and I was told to pull it first and play a little more. My friends don’t even want to hear what I’m saying. finally the 2 million began to thin out. slowly the 2 million was gone until the afternoon. I also invited friends to come home. Before we went home, a friend made a deposit back of 2 million rupiah to play in the room.

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In short. Arriving in the room. first friends take a shower and have breakfast before starting the game. because I saw him playing bigger and bigger. I also stopped to play my own. I can only see this friend playing furiously in the room. hahahah.okay we continue back in my friend’s story. Friends also start logging in and choose a room that is 10 thousand to 100 thousand. The beginning of friends playing relaxed and relaxed like nothing was wrong. slowly he played.


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