Receive Some Suggestions or Feedback From Poker Members

  • July 31, 2021

Waking up in the morning or at night, we are still grateful because we were able to get through the obstacles or activities yesterday well and start a new day by breathing. Getting up to do activities such as working for money is a common thing for people to do in their daily lives. Like now people have easily found or earned money from online gambling games. The results obtained can also exceed or many times the salary that is usually obtained by the community. Many people play online poker gambling when they have free time, after work or before going to bed. Of course, using real money or capital by transferring funds.

With this easy, safe and fast deposit process, the community as members can feel comfortable and at home playing. Playing online gambling has long been proven safe to be played by the people of Indonesia. We also live in a democratic country, each person or member also has their own rights. Members are entitled to be paid if they win the game and it is automatic. Members are also entitled to receive a number of funds that are theirs. Members also have the right to submit some input or suggestions that can be submitted to Customer Service regarding the situation or other information to be conveyed. Like these few days we are still getting some suggestions from members.

Why do you like to suddenly change accounts?
Usually members if they want to play, they make a deposit or transfer funds, members directly transfer funds to the account that is usually intended. But when you want to confirm by filling out the deposit form. members are quite surprised to see the name and daftar agen bola terpercaya account number of the deposit destination is different. Members panic and fear that the funds will be forfeited, because members have been confused several times because their accounts change almost every day. So members also ask that if there is an account change, notification can be assisted, because often members see that their name and account number are also suddenly changed. We also do this to prevent the transaction limit from being exposed.


Accelerated Deposit or Withdrawal Process
If the previous account can still be active or can be checked, of course we will help and ask members to just fill in the deposit form. Usually, if a member fills out a form for depositing funds or withdrawing funds, the member hopes that the funds can be entered immediately or as soon as possible, so that members can play immediately. We also try to process our members’ funds every day as soon as possible. We also have to check and process other members’ funds. Likewise, from the withdrawal of our members, here we also transfer funds one by one. As long as the bank is normal and active, of course, we will process it quickly. Therefore, we also expect patience from all of the members.

Don’t like to make it difficult for members
Messages that we also often receive or complaints from members are often complicated. For example, when a member forgets his account password, the bank has problems and is asked for proof of the transfer. We actually get confused sometimes, we complicate it where. poker online indonesia terpercaya Even though the members themselves ask for help from us. Then we also provide solutions based on our work procedures. Procedures or solutions that have been provided by the members themselves are also for smoothness and assistance to members. We also only provide solutions, members also misunderstand, reject solutions and argue. That sometimes we are tested, we have been tested patience to serve members and direct them to the right path.


Members will be helped as much as possible
If there are members who submit complaints, suggestions or criticisms, we still accept them. We also try to provide a good and correct explanation. Although each member also has a different catch or control. We are still trying to convince and convey true information to our members. So that members can help cooperation and understanding. We really appreciate and thank the members who want to work well together. Because it’s also for the good of the members themselves. As long as we can help of course we will continue to help and you need to know that we still base our work on work procedures. If it can’t be helped, we’ll definitely tell you we can’t.


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