Poker Knowing the History of Gambling in the World

  • July 31, 2021

Talking about poker gambling games, maybe there are still many of them readers who don’t know the history of gambling poker itself. Therefore on this occasion we will discuss a little information about the brief history of poker gambling.

The Birth of Poker Games
Poker game itself turned out to have a long history before this card gambling game can be played as easily as it is today. All of these things began in 1377, when a Swiss national named John of Rheinfelden discovered a game which used a set of 52 cards.

At that time John was a monk who played this game to fill his free time, where he played a deck of cards and then made several forms of card combinations which could be formed, and this is the teaching of the emergence of poker gambling. Limited access to entertainment at the time finally made many people feel curious about what was done by John, where he accidentally discovered this one gambling card game.

Playing Cards / Poker
Maybe this is a little distorted with the game of poker gambling, but we might not be able to play poker gambling without knowing the type of card it uses, which is playing cards or what is known today is poker cards. The playing cards themselves were discovered in the 9th century, which were found in mainland China. Why in China? Because at that time only China had the machine technology to print cards or paper. Initially this poker game was Judi Bola Online Terpercaya only played by aristocrats in the Chinese country as a medium of entertainment. But in 1200 many traders came to China from several countries, and this was the beginning of the spread of the gambling poker game.


This playing card is used by John to play poker, but eventually the adjusted card underwent several changes which were to the tastes of people in continental Europe. Until finally in 1800 this poker game was very popular in the European continent. Because of this condition finally made a set of cards which have very good standardization, and until now we know him with playing cards. As a standard form of playing cards, in 1 set of playing cards there are 4 types or 4 different symbols, including speads, hearts, clubs and diamonds, then each card has a different number on each card. , which contains numbers 2-10 and then added with Jack, Queen, King and also the US.

Texas Hold’em Poker Variations
The spread of poker gambling games throughout the world was finally able to give birth to several types of variations of poker gambling games that also have different ways of playing in each place. But of the many variations of poker gambling games, there is only one type of poker gambling game that is widely known by the wider community from all over the world, including Indonesia, and the poker gambling game version is Texas Holdem. This game became known in 1967 which was distributed by a group of gamblers from Texas.

Online Poker
Along with the development of the era, finally the poker gambling game can be played online, where in early 1996 there were already 15 online gambling sites that have licenses capable of providing this one card gambling game. agen judi hokibet99 And in 1997 the number of online poker gambling sites finally increased to 200 sites. And to date, online poker gambling games are one of the most popular types of online card gambling games and are in great demand by online gambling fans themselves.

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If you ask how many IDN Pokergambling sites currently exist? So the answer is a lot, because indeed at this time a lot of online poker gambling sites that you can find on the internet media which can provide convenience for those of you who want to do betting on this one card gambling game. For those of you who want to play online poker gambling, make sure you choose the official and trusted DGPoker online gambling site, so you can get a very large profit from it.


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