• August 2, 2021

It is very important to play bets online by making mistakes in the game. In playing betting games online, there is no way for someone to make mistakes when playing bets. Because it is very dangerous when playing bets by making mistakes, especially in every game you play. That is why it is very dangerous when playing always makes mistakes.

Then all of that can be avoided by yourself to use your own way to play. It all depends on oneself to play betting games online. If you can’t make mistakes while playing, the victory will continue to be achieved and achieved with certainty. If you make frequent mistakes, surely victory will be far from your achievement in betting playing online. The more you learn, the more you can avoid the name mistakes and the learning from mistakes will also be good. Because mistakes can teach you a better experience how to play bets.

Because we are here to provide positive things for those of you who like to play bets online. Because playing betting online has also become one of the most common activities. Of course there are ways to make great wins for you to achieve. Experience will make you better understand the few mistakes that usually apply to you. It is better to make mistakes that can make the experience more careful in playing.

Don’t let the game make mistakes but don’t change the Daftar Bola Sbobet attitude of how to play and keep repeating it. Because it is very deadly, you can play with mistakes that have been made but repeatedly continue while playing. So, you need to be careful when you play betting games online, friends. Always keep learning and try hard to make a win in the game instead of making mistakes. Continue to play properly and don’t need to play carelessly when playing so you just need to take a break.

There are some things that really make mistakes happen as well as prevent them from making mistakes while playing. Stay focused on the games you usually play or are familiar with. Don’t play by trying games that you don’t understand while playing. If you play with a lack of understanding, victory will be difficult to achieve for all of you.

All of this requires considerable effort and also a great desire to be able to play well. Judi Bola Online Mistakes must be made by yourself, not from anyone. That is why you must be encouraged to understand how to play the bets you will start playing. Of course, if you play betting games online, big mistakes will happen too. Therefore, he must be vigilant in playing every game that is used as a bet to avoid it properly. After that still doing the best.

Now you don’t have to be afraid anymore to make mistakes in playing. All the most deadly and common things that cause any player to make a mistake are not satisfied with winning. Especially now that it’s easy for players to give up or give up quickly playing online bets. Players may be bored in achieving defeat but there is no need to despair and just despair.

All require a process to achieve high success and get big profits when playing online betting. Always continue to play with full accuracy when playing any betting game you like. Don’t worry about missing the most important, don’t make mistakes. If you play bets online, make sure you have won, don’t keep playing. Play by winning a little, stop immediately, don’t think you have to win a lot, then stop. Everything needs to be self-contained when you play online betting games.


  • August 2, 2021

TECHNIQUES FOR WINNING BACCARAT GAMES CONTINUOUSLY – Tips for Winning Baccarat by Watching the Game Flow. Casino games are really one of the few gambling games that are very fun to play. There are several casino games that are very fun to play and can even hypnotize us to forget our time when playing. We forget the time when we play the casino because of the excitement of the game.

And also this Casino game we can also do by playing whenever we want. With the condition that we must register for online gambling that provides casino games of course. If we don’t play online, we will most likely have trouble later playing the Casino. Because we have to visit a casino where its existence is limited so it will take time and funds.

But if you play online, you don’t need to waste time and money to be able to play the casino. You just need to be registered and connected to the internet, you can play the casino game where and when you want. That’s how fun it is to play casino online, in addition to the many benefits we can get from the online casino agent later.

Therefore, look for an online casino agent who provides casino games Daftar Judi Bola Sbobet with large bonuses and discounts for playing for your benefit. Likewise regarding the types of casino games in playing online you will see many types of games later. So if you feel unlucky playing on one type of casino game. You will be able to easily move on to other types of games that give you luck.

Or you can also move tables from one table to another which is still the same type of game. So it will be bigger for you to try and find your luck at which table or casino game. Where with luck, of course, you will easily get the victory when you play the casino later.


But you also have to know that you shouldn’t always hope for that luck by not using the right way of playing too. But go ahead and do each of your gambling games in a precise way and see your luck. That way you can easily get the benefits of playing gambling when you play. Maybe for the benefit that you already understand how to look for and see.

But this time we try to give you tips on playing the type of Casino Baccarat game. Where this type of Casino Baccarat is very much in demand because it can be done easily and is also easy to win. This is because of the large chance of winning and losing given this type of Baccarat game. So here we invite you to play Casino Baccarat just by looking at the flow of the game to win it.

To see the flow, you really have to really concentrate and always pay attention to the Casino Baccarat game when playing. That way you will easily see the flow later and can quickly use it for you to win. Here we give you to pay attention to the flow like this in the Casino Baccarat game.

If you see there is the highest card on the Player 5 times in a row. daftar sbobet So in the future, please continue to bet on the Player for up to 17 rounds. You do not change bets from the Player for the next 17 rounds. And if you see the first two cards opened, the Banker wins. However, there is still the opening of the third card and the Player wins the round.

So in one round in the future provide your bet value is greater by placing it fixed on the Player. Do this when you play Baccarat later so that the victory is always with you. Thus a brief explanation of tips for playing Baccarat. Hopefully with the publication of the article Tips for Winning Playing Baccarat By Seeing the Game Flow can help you achieve big wins playing Baccarat, thank you

Friendly Online Poker Agent

  • August 2, 2021

Having a friendly online poker agent for transactions is very difficult to find. Well-known poker game agents are sometimes difficult to provide convenience for games that will make you feel comfortable playing at home for a long time.

In addition, Poker games can also be played online using a device and an internet connection. All devices can be used to play online poker from laptops, tablets and smartphones. This way you can play poker anytime and anywhere.

To be able to bet online, you have to make a deposit first, for that we have to choose an agent to make transactions that are not complicated. Based on this issue, you should be able to choose which online poker agent is safe to gain the trust of most of your transactions. Fascinated by the plethora of sophisticated deals? See the detailed description in the following paragraphs.

Easy Transaction

The most important thing in making deposit transactions is the ease Agen Terpercaya Sbobet in terms of replenishing funds that can be obtained if the agent chosen is official and reliable. It is true that deposit funds are one of the most important things for winning predictions playing online poker . Usually you can’t bet if there are no deposit funds because for betting you must have a chip that can be filled by deposit.

For more sophisticated payment transactions, trusted online poker agents usually offer deposit funds through ATMs, mobile banking, and even online banking. With this service, of course, you can save faster without having to queue to do it manually via the nearest bank deposit.

Withdraw Funds Quickly

Faster payment transactions In addition to deposit transactions, we need to know how the agent withdraws the withdrawal of funds obtained by the player if tying the online poker agent with real money must be consistent in terms of payment, to withdraw money. Withdrawal transactions are much more important than deposits because you can exchange online poker chips for real money here.

Otherwise, without faster payment transactions, you cannot withdraw Daftar Akun Judi Rolet the money you make online poker gambling. Therefore, it is necessary to say that Poker players need to find a friendly online poker agent who can be relied on in payment transactions. This is so that payment transactions can be carried out at any time.

This is a small summary of the agents we can entrust. Hopefully this article can be useful for online Poker players, especially beginners, so that choosing an Online Poker agent will not regret later. Because the results of the victory are not paid off by other fake agents.

Description : Look for an agent who can assist in the process of depositing and withdrawing funds

Big Profit At Live Casino

  • August 2, 2021

Playing online gambling live you can feel where you need the internet as a liaison in order to play online. If you want to get this game, you can start registering on the official site that provides various types of online gambling. You can get profits at a live casino if you already know very well what games you are good at. How to start you can play from simple to complex, a simple example is the game baccarat

How to Play Baccarat

This game is quite simple, you only need to choose a bet between the player and the banker where the cards will be dealt simultaneously. Players who choose from one must be superior to their opponent’s card value, as you can play this game on the IDN server. The greatest value of the cards in baccarat is Nine, where the Ace is 1 and J/Q/K is 0.

So you can rely on your filing to play baccarat. You can use the Daftar Bandar Bola Online above method when you want to get the benefits of a live casino and online poker agent , but there is another exciting game where the game starts with the wheel spinning with a ball pin as a determinant of victory.

How to play Roulette

To play the game of roulette, you must know how to install it and also the rules. Roulette itself consists of thirty-six numbers that you can install and two red or black colors which of course you can also install.

This game only guesses the fall of the ball on the wheel according to the existing numbers, so you need several pairs to capture all the possible numbers. But if you want it to be easy to play this roulette, then you just have to put black or red. For other pairs you can bet on odd or even numbers.

But the big payout value is of course from a single pair where the payment Judi Roulette Online will be multiplied by 36 from the value you put up. This game is selling well because there are so many who won big in this game, there are several casinos that provide a fairly large multiplication jackpot in single pairs, some give a fifty-fold jackpot and some are up to five hundred times.

That’s why playing Live Casino is very profitable, especially if you can find huge jackpot prizes in every game. Those are some interesting topics that I can discuss, hopefully online gambling players, especially Live casino players can continue to add insight in order to get big profits at Live casino. Thank you.


  • August 2, 2021

4D,3D,2D Guess 4 numbers, 3 numbers and 2 numbers.
Structure: ABCDMExample exit: 4321
Means the winner for
4D = 4321
Game rules:
1. If you buy outside the number issued, it means you lose and no money is returned at all.

2. If you buy 100k each for numbers:
4D = 4321

(Especially for 4D, 3D and 2D, additional discounts are given. The discount will be even greater if the accumulated value of betting in one period is greater)

That means your winnings are:
4D = 100k x [Winning index for 4D]
3D = 100k x [Winning index for 3D]
2D = 100k x [Winning index for 2D]
(Note: 100k bet value is not returned to members)

To facilitate purchases in large quantities with Judi Bola Online Terpercaya consecutive number combinations, for example:

then it can be done with:
BET : 4321 4*500 x1000
BET : 4321 3*400 x1000
BET : 4321 2*300 x1000
BET : 4321 1*100 x1000

This means you have shopped:
4321 for 500k
321 for 400k
21 for 300k
1 for 100k

2D Position
Structure: ABCD
For example agen judi depobos out number = 1234
means winner for 2D Front is = 12
means winner for 2D Middle is = 23
means winner for 2D Back is = 34


  • August 2, 2021

Dragon Tiger is a type of online casino game that is very easy to play and can be played by anyone. because in this game only look for the highest card using 1 card, either the dragon (DRAGON) or the tiger (TIGER) or the series (TIE).

– For how to play it is also very easy:
– Players can install on the Dragon / Tiger / Tie option.
– Then the dealer will distribute 1 card each in Dragon and Tiger.
– The winner will be determined from the one who has the highest card between Dragon or Tiger. And if the card is a draw then the winner is Tie.
– For card value, the King card is the highest card in this game and the Ace card is the lowest card in this game. The order is: K, Q, J, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, and AS.
– For Tie the pay is 1: 8

– If Dragon or Tiger wins the payout is 1: 1, and Agen Online Terpercaya if the result is a Tie then the bet will be deducted by 50% of the total you placed and the rest will be returned.

where there is damage to the electronic screen in the live roulette, the result will be settled according to the actual result determined by the roulette.
Any failure of the Player’s equipment including but not limited to network connection or computer problems, will not invalidate the result of the match. Players can check their own betting history in the Reports section.
Any SBOBET Casino system malfunction and/or hardware failure during the life of the roulette will void play and certain tables will be closed.

SBOBET Casino reserves the right to invalidate a spin where judi nova88 terpercaya there is an error in the dealer’s spin or a malfunction of the roulette wheel.

Please note that in any live game environment mis-spin (e.g. where the ball does not fall onto the wheel) is inevitable and where a mis-spin occurs the ball will be replaced and re-spun and the specified spin resumed.

The ball must spin for at least 10 revolutions before it falls into the pocket on the wheel. In the event that the ball falls into the pocket before spinning for at least 10 circles, the certain round will be cancelled. In the event that the ball falls out of the wheel, the dealer will re-spin the ball and the specified round will be resumed. In the event that the dealer spins in the same direction as the wheel turning in that direction, the specified round will be cancelled.


  • August 2, 2021

Sic bo, or literally “precious dice,” is a casino game played with three dice. For casinos located in Macao, the game is known as dai siu, “big or small”. The game of Sic bo is similar to the English game of Grand hazard and Chuck-a-luck. The game Sic bo came to the United States with Chinese immigrants in the early 20th century and was played in mining camps and railroads before becoming a standard game in casinos in the 1980s. In Britain, Sic bo was licensed as a casino game in 2002. Today Sic Bo is played in every casino around the world although the game is most popular in Macao, Korea and Southeast Asia. Because the names and patterns of this game vary, the odds and stakes are different too, but there are two special ways of playing that are commonly seen, namely the traditional 50-stakes way of playing and the larger variation with 56 additional bets, which include 4 dice combination bets and all 3 dice combinations. So the Sic Bo game is a very interesting game to play.
Now the Sic Bo game can be played online in two ways, namely:

The first way is to use standard Flash games, where everything is done automatically by website software.
This second method is much more popular in Asia and uses real dealers. This second method is how to play Sic Bo at online casinos. At any time we can see the dealer and dice, and place bets in real time. This game is done LIVE with broadcasting technology to present it online and can be played at any time.

Guide to Playing Sic bo

This game is usually played at a table with a spotlight highlighting all Agen Sbobet Terpercaya the winning bets. In the game of sic bo there are three dice with 1 to 6 edges and are placed in a plastic cone and shaken. The players will then make bets according to what they want and are paid according to the odds listed in the game rules
The main bet types in the Sic Bo game include small numbers (the total number of the three dice is 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 , 10 the total value is small), and the large number is (the total number of 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17 is a large number). To find out 3 dice are large or small, you can add of the 3 dice. : Example : 3 + 2 + 4 = 9 (SMALL/SMALL), 5 + 6 + 6 = 17 (BIG/BIG).

Winning players will receive a 1 to 1 winning payout. For small bets (SMALL) wins if the sum of the dice values ​​totals 4 to 10. If the total sum value is 3 or 11 to 17, the player loses. Meanwhile, bets on big (BIG) win if the total value of the dice is 11 to 17. If the total is 18 or 3 to 10, then the player will be considered lost.

Odd and Even Number Bet
Players can place bets for an odd or even number of dice. The winner will receive a payout of 1 to 1 of the nominal bet made. The player loses if he incorrectly chooses an odd or even number, or when the results of the shuffle are triples or in other words the numbers of the three dice are the same, the player who chooses the wrong number will lose.

Total Three Dice
Players can place or place bets on the total number of the three dice, from 4 to 17. The payout ratio depends on the online SICBO game provider, or the online casino site concerned, but generally ranges from 6 to 1 to 50 to 1 So for the prizes in the game, the total of three dice is very satisfying because the prizes are multiplied.

Single Number
Players can bet on the single numbers of the dice: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, and 6. The situs judi terbaik payout depends on how often the selected number appears. If the dice do not appear according to the player’s number, the player loses. If the player’s number matches the dice, the payout is 1 to 1. If the player’s number matches the two dice, the payout is 2 to 1. If the player’s number matches the three dice, the payout is 3 to 1. For this single number game, it is very interesting. and worth trying.

Double Bet (Two Dice Combination)
Players can bet on the numbers of the two dice, such as 5 and 6. If both numbers appear, the player gets paid 5 to 1. If twin numbers are selected (for example, 11, 22, 33 , 44, 55, 66) and two of those numbers appear, the player receives a payout of 10 to 1 in the game.

Players can bet or place bets on triple numbers (111, 222, 333, 444, 555, 666) and if a triple appears, the player receives a payment of 30 to 1 of the nominal bet made.
If the player chooses a particular triple, the payout will be higher, and this is often 180 to 1 of the nominal bet or bet amount made.
That’s the information about the SIC BO Playing Guide that we can inform specifically for members and prospective members all wherever they are, hopefully the guide we made can help you play it.


  • August 2, 2021


1 Introduction of zero one roulette
roulette Single zero is played by the ball spinning on a wheel with the number thirty-seven slots. The object of the game is to predict where the ball will come to rest on the spinning wheel.

There are 37 individual numbers inside the wheel, labeled with the numbers 0-36. Bets can be placed on any of the 37 numbers or on the various groups of numbers displayed on the table.

By forecasting the right amount, you earn a return on your bet. The size of the outcome depends on how the bet is placed. Over a long period of time, the game tends to average a return to players of 97.98% of the total bets made.

2 Participation
Betchip Hint Players are stacked by denomination at the bottom left of the game window. Place a bet, Players must move the cursor to the pictures from the left-chip and click the chip the value they want to use.

Players must then move the cursor to the positions on the table layout that they wish to place bets on and left-click on each position. The system will not let a Player place a chip unless the bet position is valid.

Chips will automatically appear under the cursor. The bet amount will also appear at the top of the window. Each left-click with the cursor in the same position will increase the bet by one chip of the same value, up to the maximum bet for that position.
If the Player wants to change to a different chip value, they must move the cursor back to the image of the fries in the lower left corner of the game window on the screen and left click on the new chip value they wish to use.

Then move the cursor back to the table layout and left-click as before Agen Sbobet Indonesia to place bets. To remove the last placed chip, left-click the LAST CLEAR button.
In case this button is left-clicked after the CONFIRM button is left-clicked, the system will ask the user to left-click on the CONFIRM CANCEL button to confirm the removal from the chip. If CONFIRM CANCEL is not left-clicked by the time the Bet Timer expires, the chips will not be erased by the system and the original value of the bet stands.

To replace the same bet as made for the previous spin, left-click the REPEAT button. To remove all bets from the layout table, left-click the CANCEL ALL button.
In the event that this button is left-clicked after the CONFIRM button is left-clicked, the system will ask the user to left-click on the CONFIRM CANCEL button to confirm the deletion of the bet.

If CONFIRM CANCEL is not left-clicked when the Bet Timer runs out, then the chips will not be erased by the system and the original value of the bet stands. Players must place their bets before the 60 second Betting Timer at the bottom right of the screen ends.

Betting is not allowed once the Betting Timer has expired. All bets are confirmed and taken to the Player’s account once the left CONFIRM button is clicked.
Any bets placed after the CONFIRM button has been left clicked but before the Betting Timer has expired must be followed by the CONFIRM ADD button being clicked on the left. If this is not done then this additional bet will NOT be confirmed and will NOT be carried to the Player’s account.

3 Bet Options
Depending on where the Player chooses to place their chips, they can bet on anywhere from eighteen to one number with one bet. Players can place eight different types of bets on the European Single Player Roulette table.

Each type of bet covers a certain range of numbers, and each type has a payoff rate. Short lines of three numbers are each called rows on the Board, while longer lines, holding twelve each, are called Columns.

The first five types of bets are all made on the numbered spaces or depobos on the line between them and are called inside bets, while the last three types of bets are made on a special box located on the edge of the Board and are called Outside bets.

These bets are in the table below:

4 Zero Rules

betting on red, black, odd, even, 1 to 18, and 19-36 will have half of the stake back if the roulette ball comes to rest in the compartment marked zero (0).


  • August 2, 2021

Baccarat is a card game where the player compares the value of the cards between the Banker and Player. The goal is to guess which side is closest to the number 9. Players also have the option to bet on Tie (tie) if the sum of the numbers on the Player and Banker is the same.

The goal is to guess the side that approaches or reaches the number 9 first.

Banker and Player will be dealt 2 cards each. Daftar Judi Bola Terpercaya All tens and picture cards are worth zero, aces are worth 1, and all other cards are value according to their numbers. If the value of the card exceeds 9, then the value is adjusted by subtracting 10 from the total.
9 + 7 = 16 is worth 6
5 + 5 + 5 = 15 is worth 5
10 + 9 = 19 is pure 9
After two cards are dealt for the Player and Banker, the third additional card will be divided according to the rules of the third card not the player’s will. If the Player and Banker get the same total number of points will be declared a tie (Tie). agen sbobet If the value of the first 2 cards of the Player or Banker is 8 or 9 (Pure), then there is no addition of a third card.

Third Card Rule
If the Player’s first 2 cards total:

0-5 Must add
6-7 Don’t add
8-9 Pure or the opponent doesn’t add
If the first 2 Banker cards total:
0-2 Must add
3-6 Banker may choose to add or not (depending on Player’s card)
7 No plus

Pure or the opposite party does not add.


  • August 2, 2021

BANDAR Q is a mobile city game, all players have the right to become a dealer if the bet money is sufficient. In table 1000, there must be a minimum bet of IDR 50,000 before you can join as a dealer.

The way to play BANDAR Q is the same as KiuKiu, the difference is that KiuKiu uses 4 dominoes, while BANDAR Q uses only 2 dominoes. The domino card used consists of 28 cards and each card has a different value.
The BANDAR Q game is played by 2 to 8 players and there is 1 player who becomes the dealer.

After the player is given 2 cards, then the player is given the opportunity to peek at the card that has been given. After completing the piritan, players are invited to show their cards to all other players at the table.
Next, a calculation will be made between the dealer’s card and the Agen Bola Sbobet player’s card. The higher card value wins the game. How to Calculate BANDAR Q . Card regulations
Is to count the number of circles 2 cards have. The circle on each card on the left and add up to the number of circles on the right,

If the total circle on 2 cards is more than 9, then the value of the card is reduced by 10;
If the total circle on 2 cards is more than 19, then the value of the card is reduced by 20;
Winner judi poker online Determination

Notes :
If there are 2 players and 1 dealer playing at 1 table:
Player1 has card 2,
Player2 has 8 cards,
The dealer has a 7 card,
Then player1 will pay to the dealer (because player1 has 2 cards, dealer has 7)
And the dealer will pay to player2 (because player2 has 8 cards, dealer has 7)
And this applies to 3 players, 4 players, etc.. up to 7 players.
The smallest card value is 0 and the largest card value is 9
If one of the players gets the number 9 then the payment is multiplied by 2
If the player’s and dealer’s card values ​​are Draw/Draw, the dealer’s card will be considered a winner. In other words, the player’s card must be higher (not equal) to win the game against the dealer.


  • August 2, 2021

How to Play Online Basketball Gambling Betting, basketball is a sport that is very popular with many young people today, especially when it comes to the basketball game entitled NBA, which is also filled with world stars.

How to Play Online Basketball Gambling Betting.

Non Live Betting. (bets that the match has not yet taken place) types of basketball betting include:

Asia Handicap is a game that includes odds and fakes from one of the sbobet soccer betting market First To Score is a bet that we discuss about the application regarding which team will score in the first match. If the match is stopped the team that gets the score will be considered valid.

Highest Scoring Team
Is a game per half which is a bet on the choice of Cara Daftar Judi Bola the team that manages to get a higher score for 1 round that is not included in overtime.
Last To Score is a betting game that requires you to choose the team that produces the score for the last time, if the match has entered the overtime round, the team that scores the last round in overtime is the winner. If the match is stopped bets will be void.

Bet that predicts whether the result of the match will be even or odd from the score.

Over and Under
Is a type of bet that predicts the top or bottom of the match score.
Outright Is a match that predicts the ranking of a team that will compete in the current season.
Race To 20 is a bet that will choose which team will get a daftar sbobet score of 20 first in the match.
Running Live Betting Betting where the match is still in progress, this bet includes the Asian handicap voora and over under matches.


  • August 2, 2021

Badminton Online Gambling Betting Rules

Currently badminton fans, can have fun. You can try the sensation of waiting for the game while gambling. Where you will risk your luck while doing your hobby of watching badminton. Currently, you can play badminton gambling games online. Where many agents open a badminton match agenda, to be used as betting material. Each gambling game has a different way of betting. Usually the rules for betting on badminton online gambling, have been set by the online gambling agent. For those of you who want to gamble on badminton but don’t really know the rules for online badminton betting, here you can see.

Badminton is a sport that is in great demand in Indonesia. Therefore, currently many online gambling agents open badminton betting bets. The following are general rules for gambling online badminton:

1. In online badminton gambling, players or what we call players, are given the option to bet based on:

The player who wins a full-time badminton match. That is, from the beginning to the end of the game.
Bet on the player who wins in a certain set as you Cara Daftar Judi Bola choose in the match.
Like online soccer betting, in badminton betting, players are also given betting options to guess the match score is more than or less than the predicted score by the badminton online bookie.
You can also bet odd or even, the total score of the match in the full period.
2. Bets will stand if

The two badminton players participated in the scheduled match.
The dealer has set special rules for a match, even if one of the players withdraws or is disqualified during the match.
A postponed match is resumed at a later time with a grace period of 12 hours from the previously scheduled postponement of the match.
Each bet for a player in a set, then the betted player must complete the game set.
If you are careful, these rules are the same as the rules situs depobos used when you bet on a tennis match. Because basically the set or rules for tennis and badminton are almost the same, it’s just that the means used are different. However, some tennis rules are also applied in badminton. When you read the rules for betting on badminton online gambling, it means that you have also learned the betting rules for tennis ball matches.

A few tips for those of you who have a poor memory, can note these general rules. This will be useful when you forget the betting rules for match betting games. No need to use books or paper, if you have a smartphone, you can use the screenshot feature to capture screen images. So you only need to see the screenshot captured when you want to bet on badminton online gambling.


  • August 2, 2021

Now in this article, we will explain how to read the Over/Under soccer market on the soccer agent site.
Because the site is the most popular soccer betting site and the easiest to read the football market. Before that, you must first understand what is meant by Over and Under soccer betting. Over and Under soccer betting is a soccer bet whose winner is determined by which team wins the match at that time and the focus is on the number of goals that can be scored in a match. Over or Under is the benchmark in the football betting market.

Yep, let’s start how to read the Over or Under ball market in the example image below:

trusted soccer agent, Cockfighting Dealer (LIVE), Online Cockfighting, Cockfighting Agent, Cockfighting, Cockfighting List, regulations
If you have read the explanation on how to read the Handicap ball market at the soccer agent in the previous article, then you will not find much difference with it.
You can see in the picture above, the yellow box is the market given by the online soccer agent. While the blue box is Kei or the tax received or borne if you win or lose the bet. That’s the Over or Under market that exists. Over

Well, like the English meaning of Over (more than / above), Judi Bola Online Terbaik then if you choose to install Over on a given market with a value of 2.50, the score that must be created is more than 3. If more than 3 goals are scored in the match, you will automatically win the bet, and vice versa. Under

Then, suppose you place Under with a market of 2.50, hoping that the goals scored in the match can’t be more than 2. So if that happens, you can win the bet and vice versa. The way to read the Voor market is the same as for other Voors.
If you bet with bet types such as Over or Under, then you can freely choose to play Full Time or Half Time bets. When you choose to play Full Time bets then the calculation will be determined after the football match is finished (aka 2 innings). Meanwhile, if you choose to play Half Time bets then the calculation will be determined only for half the match. So it will be determined after the completion of the first round. Kei / Tax

The way to calculate taxes on Over or Under on soccer sites is also the same as calculating taxes when you bet on football with the Handicap type. Here’s how:
For example, if you place Liverpool with a bet of 1 million, with agen judi bola terpercaya a given kei of -1.19 according to the picture, then if you win, you will still get 1 million. But if you lose, then the tax to be paid is 1 million x 1.19 = one million one hundred and nineteen thousand (Rp 1,119,000)

For example, if you place Swansea City with a bet of 1 million and Kei gets 1.06, then if Swansea City loses, you will still lose Rp. 1,000,000. But if you win, you can bring an amount of one million and sixty thousand rupiah (Rp 1,060,000).

How? Is it clear enough how to read the Over/Under ball market at the sbo agent? You can use it so that your soccer betting predictions are precise and accurate but it doesn’t guarantee that you will win the bet. It all depends on your analysis and the conditions in each match.


  • August 2, 2021

Before starting to play, we must know some of the terms found on the following online sportsbook sites;
HT : half time (1 x45 minutes / half time)
FT : full time (2 x 45 minutes / full time)
1 x 2: home – draw – away (home team, draw, away team)
How to Play Online Sportbook 1 x 2

1 x 2 is a type of online sports betting that guesses which team will win, whether the home team, draw or the away team.

trusted soccer agent, Cockfighting Dealer Daftar Situs Judi Bola Resmi (LIVE), Online Cockfighting, Cockfighting Agent, Cockfighting, Cockfighting List, regulations
Description :
HOME /1 : home team
AWAY/2 : away team
DRAW : draw/ draw

For example, if Paris Saint Germain scores 2 – 0 Chelsea with a bet value of 100:

The formula for calculating if you win:[ (number of bets x odds value) – number of bets]

– if you choose PSG (2.79) then you win 179 (100×2.79)-100 = 179.
– if you choose Chelsea (2.75) then you lose 100
– if you choose DRAW (3.05) then you lose 100

Likewise, so on, both away and draw wins have the same agen judi bola calculation principle, please use the above formula to calculate your winning bet and if you lose, the balance will be deducted according to the bet you placed.


  • August 2, 2021

Guide to Playing Online Football Betting – SPORTBOOK

1. HDP (Handicap / Furan / Lek2an / Point giver and receiver)

trusted soccer agent, Cockfighting Dealer (LIVE), Online Cockfighting, Cockfighting Agent, Cockfighting, Cockfighting List, regulations
Here you can see the match between FC Tokyo vs Ventforet Kofu

Red: Giver of points (1/2 or 1/4)
Blue: Receiver of points (1/2 or 1/4)
H (Home): Host
A (Away): Away or Enemy

It can be seen in column H there are 2 choices of Kei which are red, namely -1.13 and -1.66
so for FC Tokyo shoals you can shoals in column H.

for 1/2 the minimum score must be 1, well, if the score is a draw it will be declared a total loss or a full loss.
shoals 100k: win 100k + 100k (return capital), lose 113k (100 x -1.13)

for 1/4 the minimum score must be 1 well, if the score is a draw it will be declared a loss of 1/2 (half).
100k shoals: win 100k + 100k (capital back), lose 166k (100 x -1.66) 100k
shoal: win half 50k + 100k (refunded capital), lose half 83k (100 x -1.66)

It can be seen in column A there are 2 Situs Judi Bola Asia choices of black odds, namely 1.04 and 1.47
so for Ventforet Kofu shoals you can shoals in column A.

for 1/2 draw score then win full
stake 100k: win 104k + 100k (return capital), lose 100k

for 1/4 the score draw then win 1/2 (half).
100k shoals: won 147k + 100k (refunded capital), lost 100k 100k
shoals: won half 73,500 + 100k (returned capital), lost half 50k (100 x -1.66)

2. O/U (Over/Under)

trusted soccer agent, Cockfighting Dealer (LIVE), Online Cockfighting, Cockfighting Agent, Cockfighting, Cockfighting List, regulations

Here you can see the match between FC Tokyo vs Ventforet Kofu
there are 3 markets, namely 3 1/4, 3 1/2, and 3
O (Over): The total score is more than

U (under): Total score less than


It can be seen in column O that there are 2 choices of Kei which are red, namely -1.20 and -2.17.  agen judi depobos Odds that are black are 1.19
so for a total score of Over, you can bet in column O.

– for Over 3 1/4, the total score must be at least 4, if the total score is 3, it will be declared a loss of 1/2 (half)
– for Over 3 1/2, the total score must be at least 4, if the total score is 3, it will be declared lost Full
– for Over 3, the total score must be at least 4, if the total score is 3, it will be declared a Draw
– for Under 3 1/4, the maximum total score is 3, if the total score is 3, it will be declared a win 1/2 (half) )
– for Under 3 1/2 the maximum total score is 3, if the total score is 3 it will be declared a Full win
– for Under 3 the maximum total score is 3, if the total score is 3 it will be declared a draw


– Odds 1.19: 100k shoal win 119k + 100k (capital), lose 100k
– Odds 1.07: 100k shoal win 107k + 100k (capital), lose 100k
– Odds 1.78: 100k shoal win 178k + 100k (capital), lose 100k
– Kei -1.20: 100k shoal won 100k + 100k (capital), lost 120k
– Kei -2.17: 100k shoal won 100k + 100k (capital), lost 217k
– Kei -1.35: 100k shoal won 100k + 100k (capital), lost 135k

Take a good look at the Characters of the Trusted Online Soccer Gambling Agent

  • August 2, 2021

The world of online gambling is currently growing. Not just online casino gambling, but online soccer gambling is also developing. Talking about soccer gambling, nowadays more and more soccer gambling agents are scattered in the world. Therefore, you must determine correctly.

There are many agents who are categorized as official soccer gambling agents, but there are also agents who are not official. Well, to get an official agent, you have to pay attention to some of the main characteristics. What are some?

Important Characteristics of a trusted soccer gambling agent
There are many characteristics or characters of a trusted soccer gambling agent that you can look at carefully. Namely:

The Big Leagues

Trusted and official soccer agents generally have the biggest leagues in the world. Call it the big football league matches that are at the official agent such as the Spanish League, Italian League, Dutch League, German League, and English League. Why Daftar Akun Judi Bola do official agents have big leagues? The fact is that some soccer gambling players as members can watch it live from their TV. just think if one agent only broadcasts small leagues, because that’s not all players or members there can watch it live on TV. Apart from the big leagues, the best soccer betting agents have championship matches such as UEFA, Champions League, and Carling Cup.

Having Live Chat And CS 24 Hours

You also have to know that an official soccer gambling agent will certainly have Live Chat. Once you enter the website, you will be received by the admin in the Live Chat column asking if you can help. You can use it by asking around soccer betting or anything related to it. You can also ask about the amount of the deposit that needs to be deposited. Not only that, official soccer gambling agents also have CS for 24 hours who are ready to help when you encounter difficulties or technical problems.
Small Deposit

Maybe you don’t think that an official soccer gambling agent actually agen nova88 terpercaya only asks you to deposit a small number. This has the aim that you do not experience large losses if you lose and still want to try betting at the agent. generally official agents do not ask for a deposit of more than Rp. 100,000, sometimes even only Rp. 25,000.
Having Alternative Links Alternative

links are also important because nowadays many sites are locked by the government. So, when you can’t open the agent’s site, there is an alternative link that can be opened for you to play.
Only at gambling you can find the four characteristics above, so you can trust the official soccer gambling agent.

How to Get a Trusted Online Casino Agent

  • August 2, 2021

Anyone who is still a beginner in a section, of course, has difficulty in finding something important for that section. this applies to online casino gambling. We could be very confused looking for a trusted online casino agent. what is the trick so that we can find a good, good and trusted and official casino agent?

How to get a trusted online casino agent

There are several ways you can do to find a trusted online casino agent. for example the following way:

a. Selecting agents from search engines

This is the easiest. It is enough to just write it on the google search engine for a trusted online casino agent. From there, you can see many agents and just decide which one.

b. Asking for opinions from friends who often play online Daftar Bola Online casino gambling

You can also ask for opinions from players who have entered an online casino agent. if you have colleagues, relatives or acquaintances, you can immediately ask.

But if not, you can take a look from reviews from the internet. A trusted online casino agent is certainly much discussed.

c. Trying to enter an online casino agent that doesn’t ask for a deposit or FreeBet

Well, if you find an online casino agent that doesn’t ask for a deposit but you can continue playing with the FreeBet promotion, just play right into it. If indeed the trusted online casino agent keeps every promise on the website, you can enter directly.

d. You see on the agent’s website how long the agent has been working

For those of you who have entered a trusted online casino site, you see how long the agent has worked. If it’s still for a while, you don’t need to bother entering because of course it’s not trusted yet.

After knowing how to find the agent, you also have to pay attention to the trusted online casino agent, what are the characteristics.

There is a CS service 24 hours non-stop. CS is important to sbobet deposit pulsa help every member at any time and everywhere.
The game is complete. The complete game makes the players not easily bored.
There are several banks that make transaction tools. These banks include BNI, BRI, Mandiri, BCA, CIMB Niaga, and other bona fide banks.
Trusted online casino agents certainly have an official license. Plus if the agent is under SBOBET or Maxbet, of course there is a license. If under SBOBET, there is a license logo from the Philippine government and from Europe.
there is a bonus but the amount is reasonable.
So many things you need to look at when choosing a trusted online casino agent on the internet.

Popular Games at the Trusted Indonesian Online Casino

  • August 2, 2021

Who is not familiar with online casinos? These online casinos are casino games which can be played via gadgets or betting online. The steps to playing a trusted Indonesian online casino are very easy because you just register yourself with a trusted online casino agent in Indonesia, then you just choose what game invites your attention.

Games in trusted Indonesian online casinos
Well, now you have to choose what game is interesting for you. There are many games that you can listen to, for example Baccarat, Roulette, Sicbo, and Dragon Tiger. Let’s get acquainted with the games one by one briefly, shall we?

This card game has the aim of comparing the value of the cards owned by the player and the banker. The goal is to guess which part of the two is close to the perfect number, 9. The rules are so easy to understand that players choose them when playing at trusted Indonesian online casino agents.
Who is not familiar with this wheel game? A dealer will spin the wheel in one direction, then throw the ball in the opposite direction on an inclined circular surface until the ball spins around the wheel.
Well, not just card games like Baccarat and Roulette, a wheel Daftar Agen Judi Bola  game but a dice game. In this Sicbo game, the dealer will roll 3 dice. Previously players only needed to place bets on whatever number they thought would come out. If the Indonesian online casino is trusted, this Sicbo bet is generally in the form of chips. If the number that the player thinks will come out matches the number issued by the dealer, then the player is said to have won.
Dragon Tiger
The last game in the online casino is Dragon Tiger. If you have never heard of this type of gambling, it looks like you are behind the times. Why? Because Dragon Tiger is very easy to understand and very easy to play.
Like the name of this trusted Indonesian online casino game, Dragon and Tiger. Daftar Sbobet Asia In this game you are interested to choose between them, Dragon or Tiger. You will be asked to make sure the value of the card is the largest. Is the biggest card in Dragon or is it in Tiger?
Many say that this game is actually the same as Baccarat. Only this is version 2 of the card. And more specifically in this game the 2 cards will be drawn and eventually placed in each of the Dragon and Tiger.

The four games just now are popular games at trusted Indonesian online casinos . Are there any games you missed that you want to play?

Five Important Characteristics of a Trusted Online Soccer Gambling Site

  • August 2, 2021

So that you will not make the wrong choice and be deceived, you should choose a trusted soccer gambling site. indeed playing online gambling is very easy to do just because by entering an online soccer gambling site, you can play it. But do not easily believe in a soccer gambling site. It could be that they are not a trusted soccer gambling site.

Know the Five Characteristics of a trusted soccer gambling site
Therefore, you should know what the characteristics of a trusted soccer gambling site are and finally be able to apply them in your search.

a. The appearance of the site is still well developed

The most important thing about a site is the site design. If indeed it is a trusted soccer gambling site, of course the site design is so neat.

For example, starting from the content that is very neatly arranged and easy to contact. If you find an online soccer gambling site that is a chaotic arrangement, then you have to be careful because they may not be a trusted soccer gambling site.

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b. Live Chat Facility

This is one of the things from a trusted soccer gambling site that needs to be seen. Situs Bola Terlengkap This live chat service for 24 hours non-stop is important to help members who have problems or those who are confused about the deposit, withdraw or other processes. The deposit process is fast, the withdrawal is fast, it only takes about 5 minutes. If there is a long deposit and withdrawal process, you can complain to the live chat.

c. Lots of account numbers

There are many account numbers from a trusted soccer gambling site, not just one, two. This makes it easier for members to process transactions anywhere and anytime. The banks that generally work with them are BCA, BNI, BRI, and Mandiri.

d. Promos given to members

A trusted soccer gambling site generally provides equal promotions Agen Judi Bola Terbesar and bonuses, both for new members and old members. Bonuses and promotions are usually given at special occasions, for example, on New Year’s Day, Independence Day, and others. so, both old and new members are still considered.

e. There are positive reviews or feedback from some members

A trusted soccer gambling site must also prepare a comment column and reviews from its members. This aims to make the agent better in terms of facilities and services. , these positive reviews and feedback can have many positive effects as well.

Well, if you find the five characteristics above on an online soccer gambling site, it has been confirmed that they are a trusted soccer gambling site

Various kinds of bonuses from trusted online soccer gambling dealers

  • August 2, 2021

When you join a trusted online soccer gambling bookie, of course you will get a lot of benefits.

For example, the facilities and services there are so good. Not even with the betting options that are prepared. In fact, you can get several types of attractive bonuses. But, what are the bonuses provided by the trusted online soccer bookie?

Kinds of Attractive Bonuses From Trusted Online Soccer Dealers
We will try to reveal several types of attractive bonuses that are generally given by several trusted online soccer bookies.

a. New member bonuses

If you can register at a trusted online soccer dealer site, then you can get this first bonus. become a member or a new member, you will be given an interest in becoming a member by way of being given a member bonus.

As long as you are a new member, try to use it well as long as the validity period is still running. See the validity period of this bonus, never miss the expiration date because it will be a shame.

Also Read: Five Important Characteristics of a trusted online soccer gambling site

b. Rolling Bonus

The 2nd bonus that will be given by a trusted online soccer Situs Judi Online Bola bookie is the Rolling Bonus. This bonus is a bonus given to members with various conditions. For example, they have to play casino games SBOBET, ION CLUB, Calibet and ISCASINO. Another provision is that members must deposit a minimum of Rp. 200,000.

c. Referral Bonus

Trusted online soccer dealers don’t forget to give Referral bonuses. Is that a referral bonus? So, the Referral bonus is a bonus given to members who successfully invite their friends to join the site. well, because of that you should often invite your colleagues to enter the site so that the more bonuses you find.

d. Deposit Bonus

Don’t miss it, there is a Deposit bonus. By depositing, you can also earn money. The number is indeed different from one bookie to another trusted online soccer bookie, some give a 10%, 20%, or 30% bonus even bigger.

But this deposit bonus is very sufficient for Agen Bola Terpercaya those of you who are beginners and have a lot of money to make a deposit because generally the bigger your deposit, the more bonuses.

e. Weekly Bonus

Generally this weekly bonus is given to those who experience unlucky in that week. those who keep losing bets, who haven’t won for a week, or who haven’t won once can also get this bonus. The goal is that members do not give up and there is still capital to play in the next bet.

In fact there are several kinds of bonuses from trusted online soccer bookies, right? Maybe there are other bonuses that you can share with others