Know the Best Combination of 7 Card Poker, Guaranteed to Win

  • July 31, 2021

Poker today does have many types of games that have developed into their respective ways, one example is 7-card poker. This is actually poker which is usually popular in cyberspace. People usually call this one game as Texas Holdem Poker. This game relies on the player’s analysis of the cards that appear based on the science of looking for opportunities. Although it looks complicated, but if you peel it off little by little it will be seen that actually everything is easy to learn.

It’s just that for beginners everything looks mixed up so it looks complicated. Just imagine this is the same as a puzzle that has many pieces. Maybe if everything is scrambled it will be confusing, but little by little you can combine one or two and so on to form a complete series of puzzle images. It’s the same as learning to play poker online, deposit credit or whatever. Try to start with the smallest things so you don’t get confused. Arrange the parts one by one to form a shape. Then keep repeating until you can see the image formed. In the game of poker, try to learn starting from the basic rules and theory, then continue to dive into the game and try to observe the flow. If you have practiced for some time, then you will be able to see it in full without having to be confused anymore. Then, what are the combinations that are the basis of the poker game itself? Learn everything here.


One Pair
In 7 card poker, one pair is the smallest combination that is often formed. The condition is that there are 2 cards with the same number regardless of the suit.

Two Pair
Maybe you can already guess from the name. Two pair is a combination in 7 card poker with characteristics of 2 pairs of cards or you could say there are 2 one pair.

Three of a Kind
As the name suggests, three of a kind means that there are 3 cards with the same number.

Straight is a combination on the condition that there are 5 cards with Cara Daftar Judi Bola consecutive numbers. For example 2-3-4-5-6.

Flush is a condition where there are 5 cards of the same suit, but not consecutively. So it can be formed from 5 Spade, Heart, Diamond, and Clover cards.

Full House
Is a combination of three of a kind and one pair. So the five cards all form 2 different combinations.

Four of a Kind
It can be guessed that this combination requires 4 cards with the same number. This combination is quite difficult to find considering that in a card set there are only 4 cards with the same number.

Straight Flush
Lime consecutive cards of the same suit. You could say this is a combination of a straight of five and a flush.

Royal Flush
The most difficult combination to form and the one with the highest value. daftar nexiabet Royal flush is a straight flush but with the highest 5 numbers, starting from 10-JQKA. So if you get this card, you can say you can be sure to win 100%.

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That’s enough discussion about the basics of the 7 card poker game, namely the possible combinations. After knowing everything you can continue to practice. Keep the spirit and keep practicing so that you become more proficient in playing. Don’t forget to also take adequate rest because anything in excess will definitely not end well. Keep trying and good luck.


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