It turns out that this is the origin of lottery gambling in Indonesia

  • July 31, 2021

Apparently this is the origin of toggle gambling in Indonesia. Before entering the lottery market that is often played by Indonesians, it helps us to discuss a little about lotteries first. Have you ever thought that the lottery is short for dark toto? Not expecting it, the games we often play are actually toto games or guessing hidden numbers. This means that the game was actually played by people or people in Indonesia before online -based gambling, they played guess this number from house to house in the past by hiding and not being recognized by the authorities. From the name alone we can already guess that this lottery game or what is called guessing numbers or lottery called in English or english. Nah,

However, other origins also mention that this number guessing game has previously existed in the country of Singapore which is our country’s neighbor, Indonesia. Well, for one version of this, it is said that the lottery was originally from Singapore. Singapore used to be famous for its huge gambling, and the country made a game where we could guess the numbers to be released. And if you manage to guess, then we will get a pretty big jackpot or win. From there, our country, Indonesia follows the trend of guessing that number. However, unlike Singapore, which at the time made the lottery also the official betting game in the country. While in our country, Indonesia, government officials do not allow or prohibit every citizen from gambling or betting.

History of Rapidly Growing Togel in Indonesia
So to be able to play the official guess number bet in the Singapore area. Indonesians, situs slot online especially in Sumatra or the island of Batam, come to Singapore to be able to install this game. Because Singapore is not far from our country, Indonesia and especially very close to Batam or Sumatra. Our society goes out there and finds resources where they can bet on that number. Well, after the source was discovered, some Indonesians who had discovered the place also became a city. They either become illegal traders or openly invite people or places where they live to participate in the game.

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And finally, this game is more demanded by some Indonesians to Indonesia itself, and many also participate in installing and playing this game. And not only that, even good signs such as dreams or signs from the nature of Indonesians interpret it as a lucky number to install guessing numbers and to this day that method is still used. It can even be effective and jackpot winning bets, because it guesses the right numbers.

It turns out that this is the origin of lottery gambling in Indonesia
The game is also famous in the country of Uncle Sam or better known as the United States. However, in the region, the game is already familiar and has become a much -needed game by some people. Especially in the Texas area, where there are a lot of cowboys or bandits and qq poker play criminals who like to congregate. And they also gamble together at their bar or relaxing place from the proceeds they get and they spend it by playing gambling. Even flocks in the United States don’t stop there, lottery games are becoming a trend and growing rapidly in the country and making the United States one of the largest gambling venues in the world.

And in Indonesia itself, the number of guessing games even from day to day, month to month, to year to year continues to increase and rapidly. So there is a separate port in Indonesia, which is usually a craftsman to collect money and numbers guessed by the public. However, they played by hiding and not being caught by government officials. This system is commonly referred to as a lottery lottery.



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