How to Win Online Ceme Gambling

  • April 23, 2021

Like other types of online domino gambling games, this online gambling game also uses domino cards. If you want to play ceme, each gambler will be faced with 2 choices, whether the player will place a bet by playing as a dealer or dealer, or can also act as a player or player. Of course, both the dealer and the player, each will compete in playing cards to get the best card series with the highest value. The high pling value in the online ceme gambling game is 9.

This online game game itself has many similarities to the online domino qq gambling game. But the difference is, when playing qq online gambling, betting will be made or played with as many as 4 bettors. While in the ceme game, the game will be played with each player holding only 2 domino cards at each betting table.

In its own rules, the ceme game also has several different types or series of cards, starting from the empty card series (0) which is the smallest series, to the largest card series six (6) which is the series with the largest card value. For the calculation method itself is quite easy. By knowing the count, it can be determined who the winning player is playing online ceme gambling. For example, if a bettor gets two domino cards with a value of 7 and 8, then just add it up, which is 7 + 8. So that the result is = 15. However, keep in mind that when playing Ceme online the player gets a value or number of cards of more than 9, then only the end digit will be calculated. So if the number of cards is 15, the result is 5.

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Tips and tricks to win playing online ceme games

Playing this online game is indeed said to be difficult, difficult, easy. However, if you want to win playing judi bola terpercaya online, of course there are a number of things that gamblers need to learn and know. Because, every time you play any gambling, including playing ceme, there is a secret to winning in it. If a bettor has the ability to find out information about winning playing this card gambling, then it is certain that the win will be easy for the player to get. There are several ways to win playing this online game , including the following:

  • Play on a trusted online ceme dealer site

It is no secret that gamblers are recommended to always play and join trusted bookie sites. No exception to playing this game. The reason is, playing on a trusted bookie site will make it easier for members to win playing online ceme. That’s also because trusted agent sites provide fairplay games without any cheating in them.

  • Pay attention to the value of the card that the dealer has

Another secret to winning playing this game is that when you play as a player, it is imperative not only to focus on your own cards. Of course, every online ceme gambling player must also pay attention to the value of the card that the dealer or dealer has.

  • Bluff every now and then

Like playing gambling in card betting games in general, one of the secrets to winning playing ceme can also be done when a bettor bluffs. You don’t have to bluff all the time, just the occasional bluff. This can make it easy for other players to accept defeat because their concentration will be distracted when we bluff.

  • Understand all types of cards in the game
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There is also another secret to winning online gambling, that every bettor must understand well all types of cards and the calculations in them. Because, victory in ceme gambling is determined by how much card value each player or dealer gets.

How to get big benefits playing online ceme gambling

Getting big profits is indeed the top priority for bettors in playing this one online card game. Apart from being required to win, of course, there are also some other tips so that players can increase the benefits of playing this card gambling game. Then, how do you increase your profits playing Ceme? Here are some of the best ways:

  1. Place bets using the lowest nominal minimum capital first.
  2. Place a bet several times.
  3. Choosing to play as a dealer or dealer is better.
  4. Know when is the best time to make a ceme bet.


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