• August 2, 2021

How to Register for gambling Poker Online Gambling Using an Ovo Account. Some people will prefer to do interesting things in their spare time rather than just spend time sitting around. Most will play online poker gambling. In addition to the fun game can also bring abundant profits.

Do you have problems when you want to play online poker gambling? Maybe at that time your account card was disrupted or had been blocked. Surely you will have difficulty when you want to register on the site. But now you don’t need to be confused because now if you want to register on your favorite site, you can register using your Ovo bank.

But maybe most people are still confused about registering on their favorite site. So, this time, through this article, I will tell you how to register for gambling Poker Online Gambling Using an Ovo Account. I will explain it in detail so that it is easier for you to understand.

As stated in the title, gambling agents certainly accept members to register using Ovo. But keep in mind that not all poker agents accept members to register through OVO.

The first thing you can do is login via the gambling link, which is . Daftar Casino Online Indonesia after that it will display the front page of the site that appears from your cellphone or pc. After that you click “Register”. after you click the list will appear data that you must fill. For example username, password, name, contact number, and others. But for the account number you can fill in your number in Ovo. Meanwhile, for the name of the bank, you will be confused because there is no OVO bank there. For the first time, you can fill in using the artha graha bank, after that you can visit the Customer Service to help change your bank name from artha graha to Ovo bank.

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After filling in your personal data in the registration you can click “REGISTER”. keep in mind you have to fill in your actual data. Because if you fill in your personal data it will only slow down the deposit and withdrawal process. And if when you make a withdrawal and the funds are sent to the wrong account when you register then it is not the responsibility of the pinak of gambling.

After completing registration you can directly visit Customer Service to change your bank name situs judi online from artha graha to bank ovo. Customer Service will usually ask for your name and account number. After that you can wait about 5 or 6 minutes and Customer Service will change your bank name. Customer Service will notify you that it has finished changing the bank name.

To make a deposit you can also ask Customer Service to send funds to which account. Usually Customer Service will tell you to make a deposit to a BCA account.


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