• July 25, 2021

For all online poker bettors, surely not all of them know how to play omaha poker online reliably , and of course there are also those who have never heard of omaha poker. On this occasion it’s time for bettors to learn how to play, because this omaha game is very profitable. Let’s look at how to play Omaha together here, it is guaranteed that you will always win.

For all people who tend to like playing other card games, such as Sakong or Ceme, usually they rarely hear the word Omaha Poker, because Omaha card games are still very new in Indonesia, but their fame is no less competitive with other types of card games. Even though this Omaha game has not been around for a long time in Indonesia, there are also many bettors who want to participate in playing it. Lots of enthusiasts want to learn about how to play omaha poker games, but few provide the right explanation.

Omaha poker games are not difficult to understand, but you still have to know some important information in the game in the rules provided in the omaha game in certain online gambling, below will be given examples and also how to play omaha poker for you.

> Omaha Rules
There is no difference between omaha games and other poker games, by pitting cards against each other and who has the highest value in the betting table will come out as the winner.

> Game Steps
Each bettor will get four cards, as well as the dealer will put three cards on the table that is already open, check, call, reise and fold are bets that you can choose before the dealer opens the next card on the table

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> Winner
In determining the bettor who wins the game at the table, the bettor will match the bettor’s two cards with the three cards on the table that best match the highest value, in this case only the winner will be notified.

Because this omaha poker game has a lot of fans, it doesn’t mean that all online gambling sites can be trusted, not all sites that have omaha poker can play honestly. Below will also be told the characteristics of the best online gambling sites.

The online gambling site that has the best games in omaha poker is Poker139ial, which many bettors play on the Poker139ial online gambling site and get big profits. Because has many advantages that other sites do not have.

The advantages possessed by Poker139: a.

Poker139 has been trusted by all bettors for a long time, the best service to serve bettors and does not disappoint bettors. Winning at poker139 is definitely paid regardless of your winnings.

b. Fair game
All games owned by Poker139 are guaranteed to be pure and fair and there is no cheating that harms the bettor. You can see this in the wins you will receive and of course you will win more often than other online gambling sites.

c. 1 id can play all games.
With only 1 ID that you register, you can enjoy all the daftar dewa poker games on the Poker139ial online gambling site, without the need to change accounts to play other games.

d. Accepting interbank transactions
Banks are used by bettors who tend to want to play when bank hours are offline, therefore Poker139 provides interbank transactions for the satisfaction of every 139ial poker bettor and is guaranteed to be processed, unlike other sites that do not accept interbank transactions.


With complete features, Poker139 has a lot of fans. Please join and just register and play Omaha and win hundreds of millions of rupiah. thank you


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