How to Play Cockfighting Gambling Online to Win

  • August 1, 2021

Online Cockfighting is one of the online gambling that has recently become very popular in Indonesia. This time we will provide information regarding how to play s128 online cockfighting for those who are just starting out.

Instructions for Playing Cockfighting Online S128 for Beginners
The same thing we know in the Philippines, especially in its capital city is Manila, which is an area that is very famous for cockfighting matches which are better known in Indonesia as cockfighting. Gambling cockfighting is a busy day there, we can enjoy cockfighting matches there such as UFC match broadcasts that are broadcast live on TV.

Besides enjoying the excitement online, we can also get more benefits by playing this cockfighting bet. The profits he promises from this cockfighting gambling cannot be underestimated. Even so, there are still many who do not understand how to play from one online gambling. Here we discuss the complete method of playing online cockfighting at the Judiwin online lottery casino .

How to Play Cockfighting Online S128
BDD (Both Dead Draw) is a condition in which both chickens die before the set time ends. Here the time allotted for action is a full 10 minutes. If the result of the match is BDD then all Wala and Meron bets will be reversed, except for FTD bets.
FTD (Full Time Draw) is a condition where the given time is over but there is no winner from the two chickens. If the match is confirmed to be FTD, then all bets other than FTD will certainly lose.
Online Cockfighting Win Count With Applicable Odds
For example, we bet for banker / meron with running odds of 0.83, and we bet 100,000, so if we win we will get 83,000. This is received by multiplying the bet value multiplied by the running odds of 100,000 x 0.83 = 83,000.
Meanwhile, if we bet for the player / even with the running odds is -0.93 and we bet 100,000, then if we win we will get 100,000 according to the bet if we lose we will only pay 93,000. This is obtained from the product of 100,000 x 0.93 = 93,000. Because the odds are minus, what is calculated here is the loss / funds that need to be paid.

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The count in BDD has 1:8 odds. This is intended if we place a bet of 100,000, if we win we will receive a winning fund of 800,000 this is received from multiplying the value of the bet with the running odds. Is 100,000 x 8 = 800,000.
Next is the calculation for the FTD. Where this FTD has such a large odds, is Daftar Judi Bola Online 1:88. This means that if we place a bet of 100,000 and win, we will get a winning fund of 8,800,000. This result is received from the multiplication between the bet value and the running odds of 100,000 x 88 = 8,800,000.

Things You Need to Recognize in Online Cockfighting S128
Live Monitor

This is the main screen for us to watch the two chickens in action live / live streaming. The match was broadcast live via the internet. Here there are a number of setup options, such as for specifying the width of the monitor, video quality or camera settings.
Penel Betting

In the betting panel column we can get photos of the two chickens that will be competing, the names of the two chickens, and the odds that run for both. To recognize the chicken where we place the bet, the two chickens are followed by 2 colors. Where meron or banker chickens are red and wala or player chickens are blue. And to place a bet here, we just click on the odds listed below the chicken photo and then fill in the nominal bet that we want to place.
Menu History

In the history panel we will immediately see the recorded match results on the site. This is a necessary menu, because here we can see which chicken continues to win at a certain time. So it becomes our assessment material in placing bets.
BDD or Both Dead Draw

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It is a draw condition which is ensured when the 2 chickens that are fighting Judi Bola Sbobet cannot resume the match before the predetermined time is over. Where the time allotted for 1 match is 10 minutes.

And the bet funds placed in Meron will also be returned in full to several players. If we place a bet on BDD we will certainly win and get a win according to the multiplication of the nominal bet and the running odds.
FTD or Full Time Draw

This is a condition in which the two chickens that act are equally strong and the winner cannot be determined until the allotted time is over. So if there is a draw situation such as the following bets on wala, meron and BDD will not be reversed. However, if we place an FTD bet, we will win big, remember the magnitude of the odds in this type of bet.

It is quite possible that the reviews we can give to all lovers of the s1288 online cockfighting betting game in Indonesia. We hope that because of this article, we can help and increase our knowledge about online cockfighting. And don’t forget to read our other articles which contain instructions and lessons related to online gambling which is now popular in Indonesia.


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