• July 25, 2021

Sakong online gambling has far more advantages than offline Sakong gambling. One of the advantages that Sakong online has is that the game has more opportunities to make a profit. One of the biggest advantages that you can get from betting on Sakong gambling is the jackpot. However, many games claim that it is not easy to get the jackpot bonus. Is it really not easy to get a jackpot bonus in the Sakong gambling game? What conditions must be met in order to get the jackpot bonus?

For those of you who are fans and fans of the online Sakong city game and until now have never gotten a jackpot bonus. you can learn how to get the special bonus.

-Two conditions to get the jackpot bonus in the Bandar Sakong game :

The jackpot bonus in the Bandar Sakong game is not like bonuses in general. This bonus has absolutely nothing to do with your winning or losing the game. Then how do you get the jackpot bonus in the Sakong game? There are several conditions that must be met by players who want to get the jackpot bonus.

> Placing a Jackpot Bet

The first requirement to be able to get a jackpot bonus is to buy a jackpot bet at the beginning of the game before the distribution of cards begins. Because the purchase value of the jackpot bonus is quite small. You may be able to buy it for only IDR 1000 to place this jackpot bet in the Sakong game.

> Getting Certain Card Combinations

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It’s like any other card game. The Sakong game also only gives a jackpot bonus if the player has a special card combination. The more difficult the level to get the card combination. Then the bigger the jackpot bonus payout.

> Types of Card Combinations That Can Get Jackpot Bonuses

Discussing about card combinations, there are three types of card combinations that are entitled to get a jackpot bonus in the Sakong game.
The following are special card combinations in the Sakong daftar idnplay poker338 game that are entitled to the jackpot bonus.

– combination of 3 king cards
– combination of 3 queen cards
– combination of 3 cards Jack

In addition to the combination of these cards, players are also entitled to get a jackpot bonus in the Bandar Sakong game if they get a combination of 3 aces.

So this time the discussion about how to get a jackpot bonus in online Sakong games. Hopefully the above explanation can be useful and can help you all. thank you


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