• July 25, 2021

Nowadays, technology and social media are developing very rapidly. With the advancement of technology today. Many frauds that occur through social media, many people use it wrong. Social media has an important role and main function, the function of social media is so that you get information that exceeds existing information media, such as radio and television. There are those who publish through untrusted websites, just for fun and deceiving many people for personal gain.

How to Determine the Trusted Online Poker Site

Not all online poker sites that have been published on various social media that have been seen and known to many people can be trusted. Here are some ways to determine whether a poker site is trusted or not:

– Having the Best Server
Trusted online poker sites certainly have the best server quality, where the smooth running of the server is very comfortable so that players will become loyal members on the site.
– Has Complete Features A
trusted online gambling agent site certainly has complete features to make it easier for all of you, whether it’s notifying information or problems in transactions. – 24 hour service

With this 24-hour non-stop service feature, it really helps all of you in the smooth transaction process, both deposit and withdraw transactions whenever you want.

– Have Last Withdraw and Deposit
Usually trusted sites always include the last withdrawal and deposit listed on the front page of their website. Where the names of members will change every minute if you refresh, because trusted sites have many members who make deposit and withdraw transactions.


– Have Alternative Contacts
This trusted poker site always provides alternative links such as: situs poker online indonesia Whatsapp, Wechat, line or other social media that will make it easier for members to submit complaints, criticisms or ask for help to the admin on duty.

Thus the article on how to determine a trusted online poker gambling site, hopefully it will be useful and useful for all of you. For those of you who want to register on a trusted poker site, please and good luck. thanks


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