Guide to Win Playing Fish Shooting Online

  • August 1, 2021

Guide to Winning Playing Fish Shooting Online – Online fish shooting gambling games have become a familiar game for many online gamblers where this fish shooting game is usually played by 4 people with multi players and some players play face to face (versus). Playing fish shooting gambling is very easy to play and can be played anywhere because you can play it through your cellphone or android-based gadget, so it’s easy to carry anywhere you go.

Online shooting gambling is very similar to games in other online casino lottery android games . The difference between shooting fish gambling and shooting fish games on the Playstore is in the use of Indonesian real money or normally we say rupiah. So what are the techniques for playing online fish shooting gambling so that we can win? Here’s a little narrative.

How to Play Fish Shooting Gambling for Beginners
Fish shooting gambling is different from other online gambling, because playing fish shooting gambling requires shrewdness or special techniques. Well, to get more money (jekpot) from this online fish shooting gambling, you need to know and study the technique or efficient way to play online fish shooting gambling that is given by Gane Online for free, without taking a penny.

The technique of playing online fish shooting gambling that we can give you is useful for some players to make it easier to understand and simple to win with this fish shooting gambling game and of course increase your win ratio. Here’s the technique of how to play online fish shooting gambling.

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Fishing Hunter Games Techniques and Trick So Good

Target for big fish
How to play online fish shooting gambling, first you have to watch and observe the appearance of all types of fish in the sea, be it small fish or big fish, then you just have to focus on determining your object for the biggest fish. Because big fish have a big point if they match the big fish, then your balance or credit can increase quickly too.

Efforts to shoot fish consecutively and in accordance with Cara Daftar Judi Bola the intent
In fish shooting gambling, 1 fish is not certain to die if it only uses 1 bullet, therefore it takes a lot of coins to be able to shoot in a row. Shooting it is also not haphazard because if you are not related to the object then your points can decrease faster and can devour your balance simply.

Focus on making frogs gold or dark green
It’s not just fish that you mean, if a frog that has a golden or dark green color is sometimes present. For shooting fish, as long as you focus on killing the frogs, then you can get a fairly large jackpot or point.

Shoot the big fish around the small fish
It is said that if you shoot deviated from the fish, it is likely that the bullet can hit small fish and you can get points immediately even if it is a little. Instead of wasting bullets, at least you are related to small fish whose points are enough to increase your credit. Like the proverb “Dive and drink water at the same time”. Small fish add to the point, who knows it can also be big fish.

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Use bullets (bullets) in moderation at the right time
Use bullets / bullets at a golden opportunity. This has the function of strengthening your shot at the big fish you are targeting therefore the simple fish die and you feel the points increase. You can’t waste time shooting small fish.

Change the table if you are not lucky
This method is usually done by some players who are already professional. Sitting position can ensure your victory, but if you feel less profitable you should change your sitting position or change to another room. On average, changing rooms can increase your luck and get a lot of points.

Be patient and relaxed while playing
In online fish shooting gambling, the key is your patience when playing, Agen Sbobet BNI with you being patient so you can concentrate on the game, if you hurry so you can’t try this game. And you can focus on winning and you can immediately lose a lot in this game. So try to sit back and relax, prepare snacks or coffee to taste this fish shooting game.

Accept defeat with a broad chest
Real players of fish shooting gambling can accept their defeat, if you can’t accept defeat as a victim is your gadget, yes your gadget you can immediately slam your gadget because you are angry :D. If you are sad and don’t win, we highly recommend that you try this game the next day, idnpoker and try again the technique for playing online fish shooting gambling that we have proposed.


Once Gane Online provides information on how to play online fish shooting gambling to you. Hopefully the following method is useful for those of you who want to start a great game and can bring benefits to you. Thank you.


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