Guide to registering online poker and making a deposit

  • July 31, 2021

Steps to create an online gambling account at POKER139. POKER139 is an official website that offers you various games. POKER139 offers you convenience and excellence to meet your needs. Because you want to play online poker gambling and try your luck. For those who are interested in joining us on POKER139 but you have not registered and have an account. Then you want to register with POKER139 and have an account, but don’t know how it works. Then we will tell you about online poker fans. Please read carefully and carefully so that you can understand.

Before you register as an online poker fan at POKER139, make sure you have a bank account, such as Bank BCA, Bank Mandiri, Bank BNI, Bank BRI and Bank Danamon, even now OVO and GOPAY can also be used. Since it is indispensable for depositing or transferring funds, your deposit process can run smoothly. You must then also have a valid personal email address as this is a condition for the data you fill in. Then, you also need to have an active mobile number because you still need to fill in your data.

Guide to creating a new online poker account correctly
Use a combination of letters and numbers to make it as interesting as possible, for example: hockey88. Then in the Password section, enter a friendly, secure, and easy-to-remember password. Use a combination of letters and numbers in your password, for example: sbobetasia login , you will then have to verify the password and you will have to re-enter the previously generated password. Make sure it matches the password you created the first time. You will then be asked to fill in your full name correctly and completely. You will then be asked to fill in a contact number which you must fill in with the mobile number you are still using.


Next, you must fill in the name of the bank that will be used for later deposits, for example: Your BRI will then be asked to fill in the name of the account, please fill in the name of your bank account. You will then be asked to fill in the account you are using. For accounts, you can fill in the number in the account number. Remember, make sure the account you enter is correct. Then there is a verification code in the last section, then four (4) numbers are listed next to yellow.

Steps to make a deposit on the POKER139 online gambling site. In online gambling games. You will of course face the name deposit funds. When you play online gambling, you always deposit funds to have chips to play on one of the online gambling sites. If you want to top up the balance on your ID card, you have to pay a deposit or deposit funds to the account number registered on the online gambling website, remember the account number registered on the online gambling site, usually the number registered on the online gambling site is listed on the web when members fill out the form deposit / deposit funds.


Guide to depositing online poker games correctly
What we need to know about deposits is that we must have a balance in our savings account. So, in this sense, why is it important because if there is no balance in your account, then you will not be able to send money to a registered POKER139 account. Therefore you agen superten must first check whether you have a balance in the account or not. Then if you want to deposit/deposit funds at POKER139, you have to open the POKER139 web via the link or through, after that you have to log in, and enter the user id or user name and password correctly, if you have logged in to On the POKER139 site, please select the deposit funds menu and after that check the name of the destination account and the destination account number in the fund deposit menu.

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You must enter the deposit menu. Now, if our bank account already has a balance, then the next step is to enter the POKER139 website. us first. The next thing we have to do is open the deposit funds menu. This is a deposit menu that shows many names of banks owned by the bookie itself. What we have to do is we have to check the account number registered in the fund deposit menu and the name listed in the fund deposit menu so that you can send money according to the number registered on the POKER139 website. after seeing the deposit menu you must transfer money according to the desired amount.


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