Guide to Playing Card Blackjack Online To Win

  • August 1, 2021

Guide to Playing Blackjack Cards Online to Win – Blackjack is a simple card game that has a larger number of players than roulette, or other casino games. To be a winner of a Blackjack game, you don’t just need hockey or chance, but you also need a trick.

Card value study. In Blackjack, each card has its own value. The aim of this game is to beat the Dealer (Cityer) and prevent your card from being burned where it has a total of 22 or more. Here are the values ​​of each card in the Blackjack game:

Number card: The number recorded on the card is equal to the value of the card (cards 2 to 10).
Royal Cards: Make this card worth 10.
Aces: Aces can cost 1 or 10 depending on their benefits. However, normally this ace is given a value of 11, but all of them can be changed to a value of 1 if that is needed.
If you have an ace with a king card or a card that has a value of 10, until you immediately get a Blackjack.

Study your options: normally a casino benefits from this game by making players like pre-installers. If one player has a card count of more than 21 until the dealer wants to take the player’s bet money directly. And if the Dealer gets a number of cards that  Situs Judi Online Bola are more than 21 as well, the bet money continues to belong to the Dealer. The dealer has the power to open his cards very late.

There are 2 basic options when you take turns to play
Hit: Take another card. You can take another card until you reach a total of 21.


Stand: You don’t take a bonus card.
However, there are a number of other options that can be taken when you take turns to play,
namely : Insurance (Insurance): If the dealer’s card is an ace, the player can buy insurance (insurance) which is worth half the money at stake. Players are allowed to buy insurance if the player thinks the dealer’s face card is worth 10. If the dealer gets Blackjack, the insurance is paid 2 to 1. On the other hand, if the dealer doesn’t get Blackjack, the insurance goes away and the game continues as usual.

Double Down: This happens if you want to double your bet, and you are only given the opportunity to take only one bonus card. You can do something like this if your 2 cards are only worth 8-11.

Split (Split Card): Players split the 2 prefix cards into 2 separate hands, making 2 bet placements and duplicating the bet. The 2 cards that are separated are important to have the same value (a lovebird 8 and 8, King and Queen and so on). In this split situation, aces and 10 cards count as “21”, not Blackjack. -In other words, they don’t want to be paid 3 to 2, but still beat the Dealer’s hand that has a value of 20 or less. Moreover, after splitting a pair of Aces, players will only increase one card for each Ace.

Surrender (Not into the game): In many casinos, you can (before playing and after confirming whether the Dealer has Blackjack) choose to surrender half of your bet without playing. Surrender can only be tried when the Dealer presents a 9-ace card, and the player has a 5-7 card or a 12-16 card.
When the Dealer has an ace, until he wants to immediately open the next card to see if he gets Blackjack.

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Try to be the winner of the game. If you want to win in the Blackjack game, then you need to have a total of 21 cards (Blackjack) or your card is worth more than the Dealer but not more than 21.

Online Card Blackjack Tricks and Rules

Get to know the “rules that exist in each online casino lottery gambling site “. Each casino has different rules for playing Blackjack, so try to master the rules for playing Blackjack at each casino you choose to play Blackjack.

Dealers usually want to tell you the rules in advance when playing Blackjack at their place so it doesn’t bother you.

Know the ground rules. You certainly need to know in advance the basic rules Agen Casino Online Terbaik of playing Blackjack as described above before you can explore playing it.

Get to know the value system of each card. As previously described, the royal cards are King, Queen, Jack and card 10 is worth 10. Aces can be worth 1 or 11, depending on the situation the player wants. All remaining cards 2 to 9, are counted based on the number printed on that card.

If the dealer has opened the prefix card and issued a royal card or aces, then think about not getting into the game. Plus, if the cards you have are only worth 15 or less, because you are likely to lose.
Try to keep playing if your card is worth above 17 because your chances of winning are quite large.
If your cards are worth 11 down, try to do a “double down”.
Try not to hit “hit” when your card is worth 12. Because if you keep hitting until you want to get a 30% chance of losing, especially if the dealer’s hit card shows a value of 4-6.

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