• July 25, 2021

Sakong is a game that is in online poker gambling games . This Sakong game uses 3 pieces of playing cards which are used as the main media in the game. Although the new game is not released. This Sakong game is already popular because this Sakong game is quite easy to play.

In this article, the admin will share guidelines and strategies on how to play Sakong for beginners. As the admin explained earlier, this Sakong game is not difficult. All members are just patient enough to play, because in the Sakong game the cards are distributed randomly.

Rules in the Sakong Game

Back again in the discussion of the rules of play, for this Sakong game can be played at least 2 people and a maximum of 8 people. The highest card in the Sakong game is a value of 10, in contrast to other gambling games which have the highest value of 9.

> Number of Points in the Sakong Online Game

The highest value in the Sakong game is 10 for J, Q, K cards. And for the AS card, it is the lowest value with 1 point. For members who are still confused in calculating the point value in the Sakong game, now there is no need to worry. The calculation of points in this Sakong game is by combining 3 member cards by adding up the values ​​on the member cards.
For example, a member’s card is 6 + 7 + 4, then these 3 cards add up the point value to 17, so the points that members have are 7.

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> Explanation of Card Types in the Sakong Game

In the Sakong game, there is also a jackpot. The total jackpot that can be obtained is quite tempting. Because the total jackpot win can be said to be quite large. The conditions for getting the jackpot in the Sakong game are quite easy.
Members only need to buy a jackpot for IDR 1,000, the conditions are quite easy and if they manage to get a jackpot card, then the member is entitled to get the jackpot from the table win. If the member does not buy the jackpot and the member gets a jackpot card, then it is considered that the member did not get the jackpot.

> Types of Sakong Game Jackpot Cards

> AAA Card / Triple As This
is the highest jackpot card, where members only get 3 aces (ace, ace, ace) in the online Sakong game round. daftar idnplay pagcor And if a member gets this jackpot card, of course the member will get the jackpot money listed on the game table.
> KKK / Triple King Card
Is a position where members get 3 king cards, then the member will get a jackpot prize of IDR 500,000
> QQQ / Triple Queen Card
Is a position where members get 3 Queen cards, then the member will get a jackpot prize of money worth IDR 400,000
> JJJ Card / Triple jack
This is a position where members get 3 Jack cards. then the member will get a jackpot prize of IDR 300,000
> Card 10 10 10 / Triple 10 This
is a position where the member gets 3 cards of 10, then the member will get a jackpot prize of IDR 200,000
> Picture Card / Triple Picture J, Q, K.
This card is the easiest jackpot card for members to get. This is because there is no need to collect twin numbers, members only need to collect 3 picture cards, for example: JQK, JJK, KKJ, QQJ, QKK.KQJ.

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Thus a review of guidelines and strategies for playing Sakong for beginners, hopefully this article can help you understand about Sakong gambling. thank you


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