Enjoy Playing Ceme Online

  • April 23, 2021

The ceme game is one of the favorite card games in Indonesia for a long time. What is the ceme game?

Ceme is a domino card game that you can play online. Online ceme gambling first existed in the 2000s when online betting was also gaining popularity. This method of playing online ceme cards is similar to the qq domino card game.

The way to play is quite simple, the dealer will distribute 2 ceme cards to each player, after that all you have to do is add up the value of the card, for example card 1 has a total of 5 and card 2 has a total of 3, then the number of your cards is 8. know you win is if your number of cards is higher than the dealer card. But what you need to remember is that the maximum number in this online ceme game is 10, so if for example your cards are above 10 like 11 and so on, then what will be calculated is the nominal number behind it. It’s very easy, right?

Playing ceme online is usually played by 2 to 8 players. If in land ceme gambling, the ceme dealer will be given a red seat and the player will be given a black seat, to indicate the position of the ceme dealer. The system is if there is no dealer ceme, the game will not start. Players will be given approximately 7 seconds to place a bet, then new cards will be dealt. After that the players will be given about 10 seconds to count their cards, after which the cards must be opened and compared with the dealer ceme card. If the player has a higher number of cards than the dealer ceme, then the player wins. If the ceme dealer has a higher number of cards than the player, then the dealer wins.

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If the draw or number of cards are the same, then the ceme dealer will win. Now if the player has a qiu card or a card with a total of 9, then the player will automatically win and the dealer must pay twice as much. Likewise, vice versa, if the ceme dealer has 9 cards, then the dealer wins and takes all bets on the table even though other players have a higher number of card values. Now there is also a way to get the jackpot if you play ceme gambling on an daftar judi bola online ceme site. This is how the player or dealer is required to buy the jackpot at each round of the game. Jackpots are also available in a variety of options, usually from 100, 500, 1,000 or 2,000. And for the 1,000 or 2,000 jackpot, this is special only for VIP tables or VIP members. So, for example, you buy jackpot 2.

Now we will tell you how to choose a trusted online ceme gambling site. What you have to remember is that there are lots of fake online ceme sites, what do you mean fake? That means this online ceme dealer site only intends to trick you and make you spend all your money. The characteristics of a trusted online ceme site are the first to have a paid domain, usually a trusted online ceme dealer must have the capital to start their online ceme gambling site business and definitely use a paid online gambling site like the one behind using dot com, dot co dot id, dot net, and so on.


Meanwhile, if those who only intend to cheat usually use free domain sites such as dot blogspot or dot blog and so on. The second is that the online gambling site has an official license from one of the leading online gambling licensing agencies. You can play online poker and ride around at one of the well-known online gambling sites YouBetCash Indonesia.

In addition to online poker and mobile games, you can also play various other online gambling games such as soccer gambling, online slots, online horse racing, etc. Bandar ceme online YouBetCash Indonesia, is one of the online bookies that provides online poker games and the best mobile ceme in Indonesia. Online poker games and mobile ceme games have been in great demand by Indonesians from ancient times, but there are still few online ceme dealers that provide quality online poker and mobile ceme, you can entrust to play poker online at YouBetCash Indonesia. YouBetCash guarantees the best poker playing experience because indeed the quality of poker at YouBetCash has been recognized by many people. YouBetCash offers a 100% deposit bonus for poker games. So choose YouBetCash as your choice of poker agent.


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