• July 28, 2021

Capsa Susun Online is one of the online card gambling games that can be played using real money. Capsa Susun is a type of game similar to poker that uses playing cards as the media. The capsa stacking game is very popular in Indonesia and can be played by all people.
Capsa Susun or usually called capsa banting, this game has been played since ancient times. But this game is a card game about strategy or tactics such as making plans to break enemy attacks.
Capsa Susun is known by several names. In Cantonese countries it is called Sap Sam Chueng which means thirteen cards. In Vietnam, it is called Xap Xam Chuong in Chinese, lousong pai jiu, which means pai gow. The capsa stacking game is related to pai gow.
How to play capsa stacking online is fairly fun and easy because this game can invite you to laugh if you make a mistake or make a mistake in strategizing.

Before you start playing online capsa stacking, you must have sufficient knowledge about the level of 5 card poker combinations because this is an important part to pay attention to so that you can easily win in the capsa stacking game. You can all get lessons and experiences on how to easily win playing capsa Susun online in this article, namely the Complete Guide to How to Play Capsa Susun Online in Indonesia.

1 > Basic Terms of Capsa Susun Online Game
How to arrange cards in capsa Susun: When compiling your 13 cards, they must be arranged into 3 rows with a 5-5-3 arrangement which will be explained in detail below:
– Bottom = 5 cards
– Middle part = 5 cards
– The top = 3 cards
In the arrangement of cards must be in accordance with the rules. Bottom, middle and top. The bottom must be higher than the middle, and the middle must be higher than the top, if the arrangement is wrong, it will be declared lost or forfeited. Card counting starts when the allotted time has run out.

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2 > Types of Combination Capsa Susun Game
Combinations of flower cards starting from the highest to the lowest are as follows:
– Spades > Hearts > Curly > Diamonds The

value of the Capsa Susun cards: A > K > Q > J > 10 > 9 > 8 > 7 > 6 > 5 > 4 > 3 > 2

Ranking of Capsa Susun Card Composition :


– Full House Combination
– Flush
Combination – Straight Combination
– Three of A Kind
Combination – Two Pair
Combination – One Pair Combination
– High Card The
ranking of the capsa stacking game is the same as the ranking of the banting capsa card game.

3 > Rules for Calculation of Capsa Susun Points in General
When all members are ready, each member will issue a card that has been prepared, each card arrangement will be contested between members. When you win from one member and you lose to another member, so that result no one loses or wins (Draw)

In battling cards between members, when you win on each card arrangement, you will get a value of 1 point and vice versa.

The value of the stacking capsa combination card The combination
value above is different from the online capsa stacking that we usually play. If you win from 1 member then in each arrangement (bottom, middle and top), you will get 2 points. But if you win from all the existing members then each arrangement of your cards will get 4 points.

List of Indonesian Trusted Online Capsa Susun
The most important thing you need to do in order to play the capsa stacking situs qq terpercaya gambling game is to register first on the site provided by online capsa stacking. Download the online capsa stacking game for real money and play online card gambling every day and get a bonus of up to IDR 500,000 on an online capsa stacking site that has been proven to provide the best and professional service. is one of the best and most trusted online gambling sites in Indonesia.

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After completing registration, you can login and make a deposit to start playing online capsa stacking and poker gambling and share other types of games provided by the presidential poker site. Only with a minimum of IDR 10,000 you can play 7 types of online card gambling games with only 1 account.

Thus the explanation this time about a complete guide on how to play online capsa stacking gambling, hopefully this article is useful and can help you all. Thank you.


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