• July 28, 2021

Ceme is one of the developments of a card gambling game that uses domino cards. This ceme game is actually similar to the domino qiu qiu game, but the difference is that the game in this ceme only uses 2 cards and the card with the highest combination will come out as the winner.
The domino cards used are 28 cards and each card has a different combination value. The value of the card is the result of the sum of the red dots on the domino card. The specialty in the ceme card game is that members can act as dealers too. This ceme card game has been provided and also facilitated by several online poker gambling agents, where and anyone who plays this ceme card will take turns becoming a dealer and also a member.
However, in order to become a member dealer, you must meet the requirements in the game, namely by having a sufficient number of chips to become a ceme dealer. You just have to look for a betting table that is still empty, then you enter and become a dealer. Then you are legally a ceme dealer at the betting table.

This ceme game can be played by 2 to 8 members with the rules that one of the members becomes the dealer. If there is no dealer then this game will not be able to start. Each member will be given 2 cards and members are given time to see the cards given by the dealer.
After completion, all members are welcome to open their cards and show all players then a calculation will be made between the member’s card and the dealer’s card, where the highest card value will win the bet or the card value that exceeds the dealer’s card value.

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Calculating the Value of the Ceme Card

You have to count the number of red circles on the card you have. The number of red circles on the right and left sides. In the game ceme or so-called city ceme has rules:
> If the total on the red dots on both these cards more> 9, then the value of the card minus 10
> If the total on the red dots on both these cards more> 19, then the value of the card minus 20

P erihal in determining victory :

If the total value of the member’s card is greater than the value of the dealer’s card, then the member will get paid for the bet from the dealer according to what the member installed.
If the number of dealer card combinations is greater than the member, poker uang asli the dealer will get all bets placed by the member. And the dealer will also win if the total value of the card owned by the dealer is the same as the value of the card owned by the member.

Playing as a dealer or member both have advantages and disadvantages. Being a dealer can also experience losses if members often get good cards and the value of the card is always above the value of the card owned by the dealer. If the member gets a card with a total of 9 (Qiu) and the dealer will pay the member 2 times the amount of the bet the member places. For example, if a member installs Rp. 9,000, the dealer will pay the member Rp. 18,000. And if the dealer’s card is 9 (Qiu) automatically the dealer wins and automatically all bets placed by the member will be withdrawn by the dealer.


Thus the explanation of the definition and the ceme gambling game, hopefully this article is useful and can help you all understand the meaning of the ceme game and how to play it. thank you.


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