Capsa Susun Game Sequence

  • April 23, 2021

But of course, in this capsa susun game, it is certainly different from other online gambling even with the use of the same card. In the world of gambling, the game of capsa susun has been around for a long time, and the purpose of online capsa susun is actually an alternative card gambling game that bettors can choose and play easier if you don’t want to play card games that are too commonly played. However, to be able to easily play this online capsa susun gambling, every capsa susun player is certainly obliged to know the various rules and everything in this online gambling.

Order of Capsa Susun Online and Arrangement of Capsa Susun Cards

As with other online card games, in the capsa susun game, of course, there are cards in this capsa susun game that players must know. Actually, the combination of the capsa susun game cards is not much different from what you already know in online poker gambling. As there is a combination of the lowest card to the highest combination. In the capsa stack game, there are several cards or card combinations starting with the lowest such as 1 pair (one pair), 2 free cards or 2 pair cards (2 pairs of 1 pair), four of kind, straight combinations, and other types. To make it easier for you to find out, besides knowing the royal flush, straight or card with other combinations, here are some card sequences or card combinations in the capsa stacking game.

Combination of Dragon Cards

dragon card is a sequence of combination cards that can be regarded as the card with a large value or the highest card. If a player has the card with the highest card value of the dragon card, it will not be beaten by other types. However, in online gambling, this capsa stacking to win the dragon card sequence is very difficult, because it involves 13 cards. Of the 13 cards, this dragon sequence consists of aces, 2, 3 cards and the type of picture card with daftar casino idnlive the highest value such as kq j. For example, if a player has a card that has an ace, 2, and so on up to 9, 10, j, q and other drawing cards, then the player can win if he gets a dragon.

Royal Flush Card

The second highest card after the dragon in the capsa susun game is, of course, the royal flush. However, in poker games, the card with this combination is the highest, different from the capsa stack. The royal flush combination, which usually consists of a picture card arrangement or the largest, for example, if the player has a sequence of capsa cards such as 10, j, q, k and there are also aces. However, for example 3 picture cards of the 5 cards you have such as 10, j, q, k and ace must be of the same suit or suit. For example 10, j, q, k diamond or 10, j, q, k spade.


Straight Flush Card

The largest type of combination or sequence of cards in the capsa stack game after the royal flush is a straight flush. A player is said to have a straight flush if the order of the cards in it consists of 5 consecutive cards, for example 5 cards in a straight flush sequence such as 9, 10, j, q, or example 5 cards with other consecutive cards.

Four of a Kind card

The card that has the next largest value in the capsa stack game is four of a kind. The order of cards on this four of a kind must have a pair of cards or 2 pairs of twin cards (4 cards that are paired), and in addition to these 4 cards, 1 card out of 5 cards in total is called a free card, where this free card is a card that has a free image without tied to another pair of cards.

Full House Card

The full house combination in the capsa susun game is also often referred to as a polo card combination. For this full house combination, players must have 3 cards of the same number among the 5 cards they have. So, if you have 3 pairs of cards or the same as 5 cards, it is called a full house combination.

Flish Combination Card

Flush is a combination of capsa cards that have the same or the same sequence of 5 flowers, however, the card arrangement does not have to be in sequence like the other biggest combinations.

Combination of Straight Cards

A straight combination is a combination in which the five cards have different flowers, but must be sequential in order to be a combination that is said to be a straight. like j, 10, 9, 8 and 7.

Three of a Kind

The next combination is three of a kind, where the three of a kind combination is arranged in a sequence of 2 free and 3 equal cards.

2 pairs combination

As the name implies, 2 pairs are a combination which requires 2 pairs of cards and 1 is free. Of course, because this type is the easiest, of course, novice bettors will already know it.

One Pair

This type of combination is the lowest or least value arrangement, where players only need 1 similar card or pair to get this type of one pair.

After you know and understand several combinations or arrangements of cards in online gambling, it will certainly be easier for you to play this gambling. Moreover, the concept and use of cards are the same as poker, especially for poker players themselves, it will be easier to play the game of capsa stacking online.

Goals and Rules in Playing the Capsa Susun Online Gambling Game

As with playing poker or other card gambling, in the game of capsa every player must have his goal to win. The purpose of playing this capsa is that each bettor must be able to get the combination or card with the highest value if he wants to win. Different from poker, in this capsa stacking online gambling the player will play with 13 cards, and of the thirteen cards the bettor must be able to arrange the cards into an order according to the rules in this gambling. To illustrate, arranging cards must be divided into 3 cards, where each line has a different value or number of cards.

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In arranging the thirteen cards, the order below consists of 5 cards and the order of the cards below must be the biggest. Furthermore, the arrangement or sequence of cards in the middle which is the same consists of 5 cards, and the number of card sequences cannot be greater than the number of cards at the bottom. And the last is the top card arrangement or sequence that has 3 cards. Of course, the number of cards at the top is the smallest number between the middle row or the bottom row. Any player who manages to arrange cards in the correct order and finishes the cards the earliest, will be declared the winner. However, the order of cards must be filled with the largest number of combinations, so that with the best hand,

Guide on how to play on the online Capsa Susun game site

Capsa games are not games played at real land gambling tables as in ancient times. Because, like other online gambling, the capsa susun game itself can be played by bettors online or online, which is certainly much easier than land gambling. Therefore, if you want to play this online card game, you can join one of the best and most trusted online capsa susun agents in Indonesia. To start with, each bettor can register his account first as follows.

  • Visit the main site of a trusted official capsa agent

The first step to register with an online capsa agent is to first visit and access the main website of the Indonesian online capsa agent. You can easily access or visit the capsa site pages through a browser on any device. After that, you will be automatically directed to the main capsa agent web page.

  • Choose the list or register menu

After you enter the main site page of the capsa agent, you can run it and register it. The way to get started is by selecting the list or register menu available on the web page.

  • Complete and fill in your personal data as required

In the capsa gambling registration process, filling in personal data is the most important requirement where each bettor can have an account later that will be used to access the game. There are some personal data that are usually required or required to fill in, including your full name, active email address, active contact / telephone number, and the type of bank account used by each bettor.

  • Submit
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If you feel that all of your personal data has been filled in correctly, completely and accordingly, then the next step is to submit it to the Capsa agent. You can click submit or register at the bottom to send the form for the list of capsa accounts that you have completed. That way, the capsa agent will process the registration of prospective members and in a few minutes will send a confirmation as well as provide the user id and password.

Advantages of Playing on Trusted Online Gambling Sites

Like playing other online gambling games, playing capsasusun online at the best and most trusted agents can certainly provide many benefits and satisfaction for each member. For this reason, playing at a trusted capsasusun agent is very important for every fan of this gambling. If you want to know more, here are some of the advantages and advantages of playing at a trusted online capsasusun agent, namely:

  • Many attractive bonus benefits

One of the most profitable things when playing on a trusted and best capsasusun gambling site is the bonus advantage. Every member has the best chance to get all the bonus benefits when playing capsasusun online, such as new member bonuses, deposit bonuses, extra win bonuses to jackpots. It should be underlined that all the promo benefits or attractive bonuses from trusted agents apply to all bettors while joining and becoming an official member in it.

  • Can bet / play anytime

Not only in terms of bonus benefits, but playing capsasusun online at the best and most trusted agents can also make it easier for every bettor to play at any time. How not, online capsasusun playing services on trusted gambling sites always support 24-hour online service. Unlike most other capsasusun online gambling places which are only able to provide betting services at certain times, so it does not provide satisfaction for each member.

  • Easy deposit

Another thing that is also an advantage of playing and joining a trusted online capsasusun gambling website is that being able to make deposit transactions is very easy. This is because all members are provided with several payment method options that can be adjusted according to the payment options used by each. Not only that, but any payment method used by every bettor to play capsasusun online has the advantage of being able to make very cheap minimum deposit transactions with an ideal withdrawal limit.


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