5 Biggest Casino Scams in History

5 Biggest Casino Scams in History

  • April 10, 2021

Casino scams are as old as the casino industry itself. They are unwanted stakeholders in the business, and although over the years casinos have done their best to keep scammers at bay, there has not been an explosion in the number of scams that have rocked the industry in a big way.

Today, the threat of online fraud and hacking is even clearer, given the availability of the most advanced technologies around us.

The Biggest Casino Scam

In this article, we give you brief details of the top ten scams that have hit the casino industry in the past:

New York Roulette Scam: This scam took place in 2012 and was executed by a crime gang in New York. The gang contains between 50 and 70 people who enter the game using low stakes as their first move in committing the heist. One of the gang members is used to distract the dealer while the others steal chips of a certain color. These chips are then secretly passed on to other players who are playing at other tables. Using this tactic, the gang is estimated to scam up to $ 2000 per game, even though the exact amount of loot is not in the public domain.

Roselli Brothers: With the help of computer hackers, the Roselli Brothers extract data on people who have very good credit ratings. Roselli Brothers then opened accounts in the names of these people and deposited their own money into these accounts to receive a line of credit. For five long years, the Roselli Brothers were able to continue their deception, and when the law found their modus operandi, the Roselli Brothers were dead.

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ATM Fraud: In 2012, police charged a total of 14 conspirators, alleging that these individuals had stolen more than $ 1 million from Citibank ATM kiosks in Nevada and California. These crooks exploit a 60 second window of opportunity which allows some transaction numbers to go undocumented. Ara Keshishyan is the leader of a group that recruits large numbers of people to open multiple accounts with Citibank and then uses these accounts to withdraw up to 10 times more money deposited into their accounts. All of this occurs in 60 second odds during which multiple transactions can be completed without leaving any records.

French Cigarette Scam: 1973 saw one of the biggest and most sophisticated scams in casino history. The robbery was executed by the casino dealer, his sister and brother-in-law. The salesman made a small radio transmitter, and he put it in a packet of cigarettes. The transmitter receiver goes into the roulette ball used on the table. The dealer’s brother-in-law will play daftar akun judi rolet the role of a player while his sister pushes the transmitter button while holding a cigarette pack. Once the button is pressed, the ball from the wheel will drop and land on one of the six possible numbers with an impressive 90% accuracy. With a period of only one week, the group managed to win about $ 1 million before finally, the law caught them.

Cutter Gang: The gang made millions by cheating on Baccarat in 2011. The gang will accept the cut deck offer, and one of the gang members will drag the cutting card before moving it back into the pack. The same member will use a small camera hidden in the cufflink to find out the value of the card. This information is then passed on to the other members, and the gang will win big in almost every game.

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It is very difficult to make a casino system immune to fraud. Even though today’s casinos are using new age technology to protect themselves from fraud, the possibility of theft is always there.

The only key to staying safe against scammers is entrusting your online betting account to a trusted online casino that we recommend because we have sorted out which sites are legit and of course the best in their fields. By having many players spread throughout Southeast Asia and even the world, you don’t need to worry anymore, just trust our recommendations!



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